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   These days, metalheads just have to scratch the surface of the global underground scene to reveal a dearth of raw bands who don’t give two shits about squeaky clean production and studio magic. France’s Krass-T are guilty of this charge and champion their uninhibited approach to thrash on their new album “Le Jour de Signeur”. Filled with throbbing bass lines, hoarse vocals, and the messiest kvlt guitars on the market, it's obvious these Frenchmen like to take their metal in the nose. Here’s band co-founder and axeman Yannick filling in the necessary info.

Miguel: Hello Krass-T, how are you all doing? Care to introduce yourselves?

  Yannick: Yeah we're Krass-T. We come from Valenciennes-59, France, and we play thrash-grindcore! We've just recorded our first demo album called "Le Jour du Saigneur" that’s been available since March 2009 and we're currently looking for shows everywhere in Europe, so feel free to book us!

Miguel: What the hell is a Krass T?

   Yannick: Krasst-T means rubbish, garbage (“crasseté” in French). In fact, a Krass-T is something stinky and filthy, something raw like our sound and imagery!

Miguel: Why is the demo album you released so raw and hard to spell? Let me try: L-E-J-O-U-R-D-U-uh… whatever.

   Yannick: “Le Jour du Saigneur” means “The Day of the Slaughterer" and, hey, the English word S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R-E-R is also hard to spell.

Miguel: So where did you guys find the raw studio to record this raw album? It is self-produced right?

   Yannick: In fact, there was no studio—or almost none! Our bass player Niko just has a mix table and he’s actually the more experienced of us all in recording a band so he recorded every part of it at home, from drums to singing. So yeah, our bass player's house was our studio. We mastered the tracks a little using some free internet software and made it this way, a 100% self-produced album made by the band from recording to distribution with no professional interfering in it. We worked with what we had to make what we can.

Miguel: And you guys are handling all the distribution? How many copies of it are still available?

   Yannick: We made 500 copies of the album with a part sent to webzines and radios for promo and the other part sold during live shows. About 200-250 copies are still available. We're currently distributed by on the internet and we look for other labels and distributors to sell the remaining copies.

Miguel: And what genre are you supposed to play? I know it has something to do with Thrash.

   Yannick: Our main influences being brutal, direct, and aggressive "kick ass" styles of metal with no folklore. (Our sound is devoid of Satanism or heroic fantasy; we're neither demons nor heroes, we're ourselves!) So I'd say our style is thrash-grind with a punk approach and a touch of hardcore!

Miguel: That’s a pretty rad intro you have going. What software did you use to meld the different sound effects? Did you have to visit gothic cathedrals to record those bells tolling?

   Yannick: No. Stoof recorded all the percussion on the intro and we just added sounds from the religious rites of the three main religions plus a partying carnaval's rhythms. This joyful disorder ends up in the noise of war and nuclear explosions. It was supposed to suggest our views about religion and its consequences, how blind fanaticism leads to war and massacre. ”Le Jour du Saigneur” is “The Day of the Slaughterer.”

Miguel: For the life of me, I can’t understand the lyrics for “In Your Nose 1” and its sequel. What is the two-part “In Your Nose” saga on the album about?

   Yannick: Hahahaha! Yes, the “In Your Nose" saga. Your question is pretty funny because the two-part “In Your Nose” is the simplest (or dumbest?) songs on the album lyrically speaking. It’s like a discharge, full of shouts from a frustrated man stupidly screaming his hatred against the world like a crazy punk. Here are the lyrics: “Just take some noise in your nose/No future, no life, just some noise in your nose.” Very poetic, I might add.

Miguel: Are you satisfied with the kind of reviews it has been receiving? Who has given it the best reception so far?

   Yannick: Reviews in general have been good, sometimes even too good (check the writeps on us at Crusher Mag and Passion Rock Zine), even if we've also been insulted by guys with big mouths and little dicks who have not listened to the album and think they are living bibles of metal (which happens to many underground bands...fuck those supremacist dickheads). What is less appreciated in general is the cover (people have been calling it “ugly” and “awful”), the intro (they say it’s useless for the kind of album) and weak production. Okay, that's been noted. Next time we'll do better and kick the skeptics in the nuts.

Miguel: How often does Krass-T play gigs? Are there a lot of people moshing and slam dancing when you hit the stage?

   Yannick: These days we’ve been playing a lot of live shows in the north of France and also in Paris. Krass-T will take a break until the MORTUARY FEST 2009, a free underground metal festival, on August 29. Usually, during our shows, a lot of people are moshing because onstage we try to create a lot of enthusiasm between the fans and us so that everybody is gonna sweat from the mass hysteria.

Miguel: Do you still include covers in your live set?

   Yannick: In the beginning we used to finish our live set by covering Slayer’s “War Ensemble,” “War Nerve” or “Strength Beyond Strength” by Pantera and even a couple of tunes by The Exploited. By now we've played them too often and have enough of our own songs to get a full live set!

Miguel: Which songs on the albums do your fans seem to like the most?

   Yannick: I really don't know because it depends with the crowd but “Du Nerf,” “Starifié,” “Le Jour du Saigneur” and “The Patriot” seems to kick the audience in the ass during live shows!

Miguel: Can we go back in time for a moment when the four of you first decided to form a band? How did you get to know each other?

   Yannick: I was a long time friend of our drummer, Stoof, and the two of us have been fans of metal for years. We've always wanted to play kick ass metal in a real band! The two of us were just playing for fun one day when Julien insisted that he join us to sing (he was an old friend from college) and then we found a good bass player to complete the band and KRASS-T was born! Keep n mind though, the story has just begun.

Miguel: What part of France does the band call home, by the way? Do you all live near each other?

   Yannick: Our home is in the north of France, precisely the area of Valenciennes (59) near the Belgian frontier. Yeah, we all live near each other because it's easier to play and rehearse when it’s no problem getting together.

Miguel: Do you read webzines often? You know, online publications where undergound artists and music is reviewed and featred? How about DIY zines? Which of the two do you prefer?

   Yannick: Speaking for myself, I only read webzines when searching for diverse opinions about one or many albums, but I have no preference for any particular zine. It depends if the reviewers of the webzines are good enough to bring different opinions together and remain open to criticism, so I think it’s their diversity that makes their strength—as long as a review remains a review, mind you, and not an insult!

Miguel: I always believed long interviews should at least have one stupid question. Will Krass-T ever write a concept album?

   Yannick: Yeah, that's actually the main purpose of our lives. Write a concept album about the odor and rottenness of the crap within humanity.

Miguel: You guys still buy records and CDs or are you more into downloading?

   Yannick: Personally I still download when I need to discover an unknown artist but I buy the CD if I like it! I'm an old school listener and I've always preferred to listen to an original album with cover, lyrics, and a case rather than a downloaded mp3 with poor quality.

Miguel: Do you like kids? Personally I find most children annoying.

   Yannick: I like kids but they have to be those of others. Here’s an interesting tidbit; our singer Julien will be father within a month!

Miguel: Got day jobs? Anyone currently unemployed?

   Yannick: We’re all jobless at the moment. Only our drummer, Stoof, is working and it’s in building construction! We're all in search for a day job so if anyone out there has propositions.

Miguel: All good things must come to an end, Krass T. Will any of you be hanging out in a café soon?

   Yannick: Yeah, after the summer holidays our next shows are August 29, Ferme du Morty; September 5, Le Gosier; September 19, Carrefour de Artistes; September 24, Au Klub; September 25, Au Select; September 26, Le Pretexte; October 10, Au Blind Test; October 17, Blues Bar; October 31, Cactus Bar; November 4, Le Select. Thanks for your time and cheers!!!

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