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   It seems that Lithuana hide, in its alleys, a doomed band, so called Frailty. Known as a Doom/Death Metal band, they have started to gain the crowd's attention since the release of their debut album 'Lost Lifeless Light'. Currently, the fan's area is getting wider with Frailty's latest EP. An interesting band which can't escape my questions, therefore, Edmunds replies as it follow. Enjoy!

RargouTia : Greetings !let’s check on you first; how are you doing these days ?

   Edmunds: We are doing fine, thank you! Currently, we are quite busy with our new material for our 2nd album – still many things to work out.

RargouTia: You must be still remembering some moments from Devilstone Open Air, your latest gig in Lithuania. Would you tell us a bit about your performance and your impressions?

   Edmunds: The performance was quite good; the crowd was very good, also. The festival was organized excellent, and many thanks goes to it organizers for professionalism and kind attitude toward bands. The stage had excellent backline, the sound was good and the whole feeling was simply metal. After our show we spent our time chilling and having some drinks.

Rargoutia: Well, sharing Sepultura, and Keep Of Kalessin the same stage can’t be just a simple occurrence, right? How do you feel about that?

   Edmunds: Sepultura were our childhood heroes, so it was an honour to play on one stage with such an influential band. Otherwise, it was just a great experience.

RargouTia: Talking about the crowd’s feedback once on stage, have you been appreciated, supported sincerely?

   Edmunds: Yes, we don’t complain about that.

RargouTia: I believe that it wasn’t your first appearance on stage. May you summarize in few words the most outstanding ones?

   Edmunds: Hmm, our second ever gig in Riga, back in 2004. Then all of our Lithuanian gigs, first Moscow gig, and of course our native Metalshow Open Air 2008 and 2009.

RargouTia: Let’s talk about the band now. Your current line-up haven’t changed lately I guess? If so, would you cite it for those who don’t recognize you yet?

   Edmunds: We have been stable in our line up about a year now. Nevertheless, the two oldest band members are Ģirts and Edmunds, both remaining from the first line-up back in 2003. Martin (vocals) joined in 2005, Lauris (drums) followed in 2006. Our most recent bandmates are Ivita (keyboard) and Tom (bass).

RargouTia: So, since when have you guys decided to create the band? Was there any goal to reach in your beginnings?

   Edmunds: The idea to create a metal band came from me (Edmunds), since I heard metal for the first time in 1998. I discovered doom metal, and decided to bring it to life one again in our home country, and I think that we have done it well. Our goal was to resurrect the style, to record good albums and to tour foreign countries spreading our message.

RargouTia: A Doom/Death Metal band! That’s how you have been described. How do you describe your music else way?

   Edmunds: It is sorrowful, serious and dark music for mind, soul and body.

RargouTia: What do you think is special in your music? Any personal authentic touches that a first-time fan can distinguish? 

   Edmunds: We think it’s the mix of different styles, the strong melodic emphasis and balance between brutality and melancholy.

RargouTia: Your debut album was released in 2008, under the name of “Lost lifeless Light”. It has been reviewed a lot as I noticed. How does this album sound generally?

   Edmunds: It is very tormenting, lumbering doom with added elements from black and death metal, very melodic, yet not loosing its primordial heaviness.

RargouTuia: “Lost lifeless light” is your first serious production, am I right? You must have taken long time to achieve your first work; I mean since 2003 probably, you have been partially “idle” .What was that long period for?

   Edmunds: The long waiting was due to changes in line-up, financial problems, song writing and management. Since we have found a manager the things started to progress very rapidly. Actually, this situation is very common with Latvian metal bands, and almost everybody share the same difficulties.

RargouTia: What about your new EP now?  Is there any particular difference between your EP and your album?

   Edmunds: The nameless EP contains our oldest songs, dating prior LLL release. They are faster, more death-doom metal orientated. We have rearranged them, added few different elements to their structure. This was our minor goal to put them to well deserved rest, to say goodbye to our beginnings, so we can step further onto our own path of dark music, making it heavier and more diverse than ever.

RargouTia: Do you think that you have been improving, since your debut album “Lost Lifeless Light”?

   Edmunds: Definitely. The improvements are noticeable in our sound, in our performance on stage and in our song writing for the next album.

RargouTia: So, any future project on the coming up? What can we expect more from FRAILTY?

   Edmunds: Wait for the next album. It is going to be crushing!

RargouTia: I guess that’s all guys! Thank you for your time and everything. Hope to hear from you soon. Any last words?

   Edmunds: We hope to play live in your country someday. It could be a great show and experience. Thank you for the interview and stay metal!

Interview by: Edmunds/frailty

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