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   From the enchanting Czech Republic, Uhersky Ostroh hails a band which usual descriptions cannot fit, the beautiful riffs and the breathtaking vocals unite in a profound atmosphere. The work of this band is quite promising, Gate of Sorrow is indeed one of those future Internationally well-known Names; do not miss this Band.
El Evil Emperor: Hello guys, how are you enjoying the positive critics from Hrachovka and the listeners of The Autopsy Report Show?

   Roman: Hello, it is a kind of a big motivation for us, but we always try to see the negatives and mistakes to make things better next time and to find another ways in our musical or visual creativity.

El Evil Emperor: After ten years of 'Gate' was it really a sorrow to start the new Band? Or was the 'of Sorrow' name change essential to emphasize on this new female touch? Wouldn't it have been better to change the entire name instead of keeping the old one which was made in "tribute to the Doors" name as you have stated in prior Interviews?

   Milada: Sorrow? *Smiling* It wasn't sorrow I think. The name Gate was quite known in our region, so we wanted to keep that already known base and also musical reason we had - we didn't change our music, we felt it more like a kind of enrichment of music, lyrics, voices, creativity and energy. And the word "Sorrow" is in my opinion very close to our sound, atmosphere, lyrics and musical thinking and maybe it could give a small key to all listeners.

El Evil Emperor: There is something that you never discussed in a clear  way, What made you change your direction in music? Changing the genre, and  adding Female vocals, etc…? Was it to attract furthermore the Metalheads scene?

   Roman: Nothing commercial *Smiling* it was just a reason of finding new ways in musical creativity, sound, emotions and also taste to making experiments and trying new ideas, discovering new space and possibilities. You know some of us were members of other bands or projects before and mostly we couldn't create absolutely free and we couldn't think and play on the edge of our musical possibilities, because there was always a reason why not. So with Gate Of Sorrow we were never expecting any commercial success, we just wanted to come our musical dreams true and had simply  that amazing feeling of unlimited creating.

El Evil Emperor: Let's talk about your Music, you have stated in an interview last May that Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth are among your influences, will we be finding similar Music in your upcoming releases, or do you keep it as an 'unspoken weight'?

   Milada: For me personally are the most important feelings, emotions, energy, impressions and atmosphere which I can feel when I am listening to this music, so I can say this is my strongest influence and of course we all want to give these things as much as we can inside of our upcoming release.

   Libor: But the truth is that we all like these bands really much. *Smiling*

El Evil Emperor: The year 2005 was a milestone for the band, the name change, the genre, the members: How was the integration of Milada and Ludvic? Did you change any roles such as song writing, lyrics and stuffs then?

   Milada: My integration was quite quick and drastic, because guys wanted to hear on the first session from me the parts of a guest singer Alena Pradlovská from Applicant for a Guillotine album. But her lyric soprano voice is really high and she is singing there all the time high, so it was for my more dramatic colored voice hard work a little *Smiling*, and Ludvic was an external member also before, so it was simple. From those times I've started to write the lyrics and vocal lines and guys started to create music with Ludvic intensively and in a little bit different way.

El Evil Emperor: 'Enter Through The Gate' received applause from fans and critics alike, Who wrote the music and the lyrics? And how were the recording sessions?

   Roman: Music we compose together, we make experiments with various ideas and sounds. Then we listen quite long time to be sure with every part and then.
Milada writes lyrics and vocal lines and then we are trying to join our voices in sense of lyrics and music. And the recording sessions are full of work, fun, quarrels, friendship and parties.

El Evil Emperor: Is there a main composer in the Band, both musically and lyrically, or do you compose your riffs the experimental way? And what are your main influences?

   Libor: Yes, we compose our riffs by experimental way, then comes Ludvic with keybords and last Milada with vocal lines and lyrics.
We are trying to create with open mind without any strict musical influences, but ofcourse it is very difficult to bring some originality, but we are trying
to do our best *Smiling*

El Evil Emperor: You were compared to many Bands, for instance: Theater of Tragedy, Tristania, Within Temptation… Where do you situate yourselves in their realm and which among similar Bands is an influence or a favorite one?

   Milada: For me is the most favorite one Tristania, Epica and old Theatre of Tragedy. I thing for us it is now impossible to say where we situate ourselves in their realm, because we hear and understand our music from inside very differently you know...

El Evil Emperor: With such exceptional Tunes, you must have been getting many offers, is Gate of Sorrow aiming too high at the moment?

   Libor: we are starting to think about our next release slowly, we have already many new ideas and energy. But now we are still working on Enter Through The Gate promotion.

El Evil Emperor: What's your current Label? Are you satisfied?

   Milada: Our label is Prague´s Openmedia and we are still very satisfield. We hope we can realize our next album under the same name.

El Evil Emperor: Since you do not have a distro, are you currently managing your merchandises distribution on your own? Tell us about it please.

   Roman: Yes, now we are making that on our own, but we are searching for a little support team, because everything is starting to grow quite quickly.

El Evil Emperor: Are the GoS members devoted to music, or do you yet have other jobs?

   Milada: Ofcourse, we would like to be devoted to our music, but especially in Czech Republic it is necessary to have another job.

El Evil Emperor: Milada, the lyrics testify of a beautiful lonely imagination and exceptional sight for life, could you tell us about your
muse for your lyrics?

  Milada: Thank you for such a nice most important muses are emotions, passions and music. I thing I can't write about things which I don't feel deep inside and I am still trying to describe it and then sing with the same feeling. Always it is not easy to alive all that emotions during our show or recording, but in this whiles I feel so strongly life right now and right here and this gives me energy and I hope so so much that I can give a piece of this energy to all who are listening...

El Evil Emperor: How's the atmosphere among you as partners, do you have some quarrels about songs making, or does Milada always has the last word concerning decisions?

   Milada: Absolutely no, I don't have the last word! *Laughing*, we always have  thousands of quarrels about everything, but after one or two months we find the same way, but  it takes really a lot of time.

El Evil Emperor: Which gig was exceptional to you so far? Any important milestones?

  Roman: I suppose it was our Enter Through The Gate baptism with Victor Smolski from Rage as a guest. The first thing was that we could play firstly the new material without any stress because the album was completely released and we had it that day "in our hands" and the second thing were our fans reactions during and after our show... amazing atmosphere.

El Evil Emperor: About Live Performances, do you still play songs from the old 'Gate' compositions though they are relatively different from your current repertory.

   Libor: We play just one song "Lord of the Night". It is from Applicant for a Guillotine album, quite slow and deep, already with female vocal line and with a very special sense for some of us, but I can´t say any details…

El Evil Emperor: Your future projects, gigs, as well as your fears and your hopes?

   Roman: We are thinking about new release, still working and improving our live performances, in near future we are going to make a new promo pictures and web sites. This autumn we are preparing our own festival - Swallow The Sorrow 2009 in our favourite music club Mír in Uherské Hradiště ( you have to come!!! :o) with our favourite bands, friends and a big after-party ofcourse and also we are going to go on a mini tour in abroad. For next year we have many promises and offers, but we´ll inform lately on our web sites.

El Evil Emperor: Swallow the Sorrow, an interesting idea, care to tell us more about this fest?

   Milada: we would simply like to make a huge festival party without any commercial sense... just music, close encounter of bands and their fans to talk, to play and have fun together and also with a really great stage and sound technics we would like to experiment with.

El Evil Emperor: Brutal Assault Fest was recently hosted in the Czech Republic, been there? What do you think of this Edition?

Roman: Brutal Assault, we really like to visit it every year, but we´ve never played there 'till these days but maybe next year...

El Evil Emperor: Thank you, Any final words to your fans?

   Milada, Roman & Libor: We would like to send big big hails from Czech Republic to all readers over there, take care, listen to your heart and let your dreams come true! Thank you for such a pleasant interview.

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