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   It seems that the Finnish scene won’t stop getting larger; either from the band’s side or even from the audience’s. We can’t deny that Deathbound have gained a foothold in this ample scene, the more they progress musically, the wider their fan’s maze gets.
Let’s see what does have Pete to say about the release of their new album; “Non Compos Mentis”.

RargouTia: Hello! I wish you guys a happy new year as a start. Are you doing fine so far?

   Pete: Hello Ned! A litte bit hangover but otherwise it feels great. 2010 will be great year for us. Our newest album will be released soon and The Accession to the Throne tour through Europe with Demonical and My Own Grave starts in February as well.

RargouTia: How was 2009 for you as musicians?

   Pete: Well we did a 7 inch split with the Swedish band Coldworker, and after that we started to work with that ended up on our new album “Non Compos Mentis”

RargouTia: How could you introduce the band to eager listeners? Moreover, convincing them to give your music a try?

   Pete:We are a Deathgrind band with 4 albums out now. Non Compos Mentis consists of 14 songs of fast, slow, groovy and “some” melodies here and there, but still the whole concept is brutal as hell. I am really pleased with the sound and the samples on this album, and it will be great to see the reaction that this album will get, i hope it will brainwash a lot of people who havent heard us before.

RargouTia: We notice a quite interesting instability with the band’s name; From Twilight to Unbound, and finally Deathbound. What makes the name “Deathbound” so special for you?

   Pete:We started the band in Sweden in 1995 with the name Twilight, and did some demos under that name, but later in the year 2000 me and Kai moved to Finland. Our line-up changed and we started making different kind of music than Twilight did, so we changed the name to Deathbound, just to get a  fresh start and a more suitable name for our music style.

RargouTia: So, if you take a look backward, mainly to your musical repertoire, is there any song from your previous albums/demos that still catch your ears and why?

   Pete:Usually i never listen to our music after it has been released, but sometime ago i got interested in listening to some old Twilight stuff again and, there is lots of good and crazy memories from those days.

RargouTia: According to you, what was the foremost reason behind your musical accomplishment in those late years?

   Pete:We were young and hungry (laughs) I don’t know really? We only wanted to do good music for ourselves that we are pleased with, and then we got our record deal and continued to do our thing, later a lot of people got interested in our stuff. But the whole thing is that we never try and we never will please anyone but ourselves anyway.

RargouTia: All right then. As we know, the Finnish metal scene is known worldwide .Do you think that you can “fit in” and succeed promptly among such talented musicians?

   Pete:It's all about the genre thing. People who are into Death and Black metal will stick to our kind of music and want to see bands like us playing live. And then there is Heavy metal fans that only want to see bands like Nightwish and are terrified by our kind of stuff. I have always been a big fan of old school Death metal and i never get tired of hearing a new great and talented underground bands like Necrovation, Bastard Priest, Morbus Chron and that kind of stuff.

RargouTia:  Getting back to late 2007, I bet you still remember your Baltic Tour with Napalm Death and The Scourger .How was it? Was a good experience for you as a band; you know sharing the stage with Napalm Death and such bands?

   Pete:Yes that tour was amazing; we shared the bus with the Napalm guys for three weeks and had lots of beer good talks and great shows. It was really sad moment when that tour ended. But we have been in good contact with them after that. But anyway it was really good shows and great crowds.

RargouTia: Enough talking about the past, let’s move forward! “A momentary loss of muscular co-ordination” that’s what ‘forward’ means for Deathbound, am I right? Would you explain the statement for us?

   Pete:It is taken from a new song in Non Compos Mentis called “A Need To Survive” it`s about a disturbed person who is distressed and trapped in a rom going more and more insane.

RargouTia: First of all, let’s discuss the album ‘s name:”Non Compos Mentis”! Is there any particular reason behind this appellation?

   Pete:Kai came up with the name for this album, and he has written all our lyrics. We are very interested and inspired by insanity; it has always been a huge inspiration for Deathbound.

RargouTia: The album’s artwork is quite intriguing actually; a see-through human being’s skull. Muscular, encephalon…I can discern a medical lexicon in here. How can you put this in plain words?

   Pete:The cover for the new album was done by Markus Räisänen, and it is a reflection inside a disturbed mind. Our society has so many people who suffers from mental disorder or somekind of illness and most of them don`t get the help they need, and then people in our society wonders why there has been school shootings and crazy stuff going on, which is the story.

RargouTia: What about the music? As for a first-time listening, how does the music sounds for your fans? Will it be different though from your previous releases?

   Pete:Well the new songs and the sound are much better on this album than ever before, the music is basically the same as but whole concept is a really good pack. But you can be the one to judge that.
We are really satisfied with it so that`s enough for me.

RargouTa: “Non Compos Mentis”, the noun seems particular. Does this go for the music as well? Is there any favourite track in it?

   Pete:All the songs in it are great in my opinion, but if i have to choose one then it would be. “The Process Of Destruction” for all it`s anger and brutality which suits me because i am always pissed off (laugs)

RargouTia: So, after the release of “Non Compos Mentis”, what are you up to? Are there any new projects besides this album?

   Pete:Well we are heading for the tour with Demonical and My Own Grave in February. And we will do a Finnish tour in this month with Totalt Jävla Mörker from Sweden.
After that we will start recording new stuff with our other bands, Black Dawn, Deathchain and Rotten Sound

RargouTia: A lot of gigs are on the way, how do you feel about it? Are you ready to strike again, after “some years in silence”?

Pete:Yes it will be great to hit the road with Deathbound again, we have done lots of shows with our other bands now, and it will be great to play the new songs live for the first time ever.

RargouTia: Otherwise, I think am done! Wish you all the luck and thanks a lot for your time! Are there any last words?

Pete:Listen to our 2 new songs on our myspace site at, buy the album when it`s released in January and come to see us live if you get the chance and then you will see how Death comes for a visit!

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