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   Deicide one of the pionner Death Metal bands from USA, Glen Benton (Bass, Vocals) gives us an opportunity to interview him.
It was amazing, but not satanic interview

Xul : Deicide ! One of the pioneer Death Metal bands all over the world, how can you recapitulate the 20years of the band’s existence?

   Glen Benton : It's been a very long and enjoyable experience.

Xul : During your European tour 2007, you were substitute by Garbathy "Yaha", how can you explain this? Did any problems happened for this?

Glen Benton : I was and still. I am in a very bitter battle for custody of my six year old son, and couldn’t leave the country and had to travel to another state to bring him back home.

Xul : Are you satisfied with Garbathy "Yaha” performance on stage, do you think that he did his best for the band, or the abscence of Glen in Deicide’s Show has felt?

   Glen Benton : It was something done by the promoters I had nothing to do with it I apologise to all the fans for not doing the tour, my son and his safety come first.

Xul : We realize that being there for your son is very important, as part of your father role, but should we understand that you didn’t have any choice about the replacement, who chose Garbathy "Yaha”?

   Glen Benton : He was chosen by the promoters, who did the tour not anyone in deicide it was made out of desperation

Xul : Forget about your last European tour, talking about your news, Deicide is recording new album which will be called Till Death Do Us Part, can you tell us about the recording session?

   Glen Benton: Steve and Ralph and Jack have been in the studio and I'm getting ready to start my sessions real soon it is very good brutal stuff lyrically it is full of hate

Xul : Till Death Do Us Part feels like a cross between ‘The Stench of Redemption ‘and ‘Legion, who is making the song writing?

   Glen Benton : Steve writes the music, I write the lyric.

Xul : And Jack Owen is just for playing what Steve writes?

   Glen Benton : Yes, me and Steve have always wrote it all.

Xul : Steve confirmed that Ralph Santolla has been coming up with some of the greatest metal riffs and licks that he has ever heard; I understand that he had a part in Deicide's song writing

   Glen Benton : You heard wrong, Ralph just plays leads.

Xul : The Stench of Redemption, is full of solos and neo classical influences, we find a Ralph Santolla’s touch, am I right?

   Glen Benton : He only plays lead, he does no writing.

Xul : So we understand that all what was said in internet was wrong, and you are the only one who had to write informations about the band, anyway will we find the same lyrical themes in the next album?? Satanism, and anti-Christianity?

   Glen Benton : The next album is a concept record it will deal with a lot of about what I have been through in the last years, but also with its Anti-Christian theme.

Xul : Don’t you think that these kind of themes are so stupid and commercial, simple lyrics for teenagers?

   Glen Benton : I don’t know what you mean, the lyrics are deep and with double meanings so I doubt they or even yourself will understand half of what I mean I write for me not you the listeners.

Xul : Hmmm I see, do you still have the anti Christian views?

   Glen Benton : I will always have those views and after all I have been through they are stronger than ever in god. we trust is a joke the justice system in this country is a joke and it is all under god. My balls. I will fight for the rights of myself and my beliefs no matter what I have to do, lay cheat and steal.

Xul : So who is your own god?

   Glen Benton : I am. me myself and I, god is for the weal minded weak people who can’t depend on their own judgement, god is a money making operation and it is loosing money once we have a central govt' we will have no need for it's stupidity, the church of god is going out of business church and selling what they have stolen to stay a float.

Xul : Forget about your God. Where are the Hoffman brothers and what’s the real story with them?

   Glen Benton : They are dead to me, they are a couple of losers with loser day jobs and miserable lives. They tried to ruin the band and fell on there faces, they were dead weight and the truth set them free.

Xul : After 17 years of stability, after Hoffmans left the band, Deicide become unstable, Guitarists went and come. You don’t find the great replacement?

   Glen Benton : We have two great guitarists; the Hoffmans couldn’t play the shit we do now they couldn’t keep up and there drug problems made them unstable. They made us enemies, I and Steve will never allow them back to even roadie for this band.

Xul : How your relation with Cannibal Corpse is after Jack Owen joined Deicide?

   Glen Benton : My relations are just fine with everyone.

Xul : And what about your relation with Vital Remains?

   Glen Benton : Fine! I don’t burn bridges I cross them.

Xul : Steve Asheim was arrested and held for police questioning in Australia, is Deicide accused all over the world of being mad people?

   Glen Benton : All I can say is that shit happens stupid people all over the world.

Xul : What’s the meaning of the word “Deicide”?

   Glen Benton : He, who crucified Christ.

Xul : What's your definition to the word "Underground"?

   Glen Benton : Music that is too extreme for the general population.

Xul : We are still waiting for Till Death Do Us Part. Thanks Glen for this opportunity. Last words to your fans in Tunisia.

   Glen Benton : Thank you and all the best.

Xul : Thanks Glen

   Glen Benton : No problem good luck with your zine.

By Xul (2008)



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