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   Mayhem, the True Mayhem, this fucking true Black Metal band from Norway, this band is a concept and the vocal Attila Csihar gives us from his time to explain the true concept of Mayhem.

Xul : Mayhem existed since 1983 about 24years of existence, so how can you summarize your existence?

   Attila Csihar : Mayhem is the first extreme metal band from Norway. I think it’s cool that since the band was found, it managed to stay among the leaders of the whole extreme metal scene in the world. It’s more unique if you look at the expandation of this kind of music. Now the scene is 100 times bigger than 20 years ago but Mayhem is still there. It is possible only due to progression. Mayhem is an institute by now. Never followed any trends. It’s been always ahead of its time technically and composition wise as well. I think it’s great.

Xul : Do we expect a new image of Mayhem with your new project 2007?

Attila Csihar : Yes. On the last shows we played in summer festivals i enjoyed to do different images. I don’t have a steady image in my head for the future. I guess it’s gonna shaping. The new album is about chaos as well so nothing is fixed.

Xul : Chimera was a little bit different from previous albums so is Ordo Ab Chao a successor of Chimera or totally different.

   Attila Csihar : I guess it’s quite different. Anyway if you put together the Mayhem records they all sound total different. It’s darker and more obscure I think. Also its quite complex musically and very depressive.

Xul : Mayhem is one of the greatest Black Metal band if we talk about technical elements so how generally a Mayhem material born?

   Attila Csihar : On this last album it’s basically Blasphemer and me who wrote the main part of the music. He was composing and I did the lyrics. It was a longer process... We discussed about the whole thing first, sharing ideas... That was the beginning like 2 years ago. Then we start to work on songs. He is composing and I’m writing. We sent ideas back and forth. When we met in Norway for rehearsing before gigs we also started to rehearse some new materials. Then in the last 6 months we mostly only focused on the new songs. It’s not easy to put together this kinda music but it was going pretty ok on the rehearsals. Since we don’t live in the same country (Blasphemer lives in Portugal as well) we need to organize very effective periods in Norway. I mean when we met there we were rehearsing almost every day. Then we moved in a studio for about a month to record and finish the whole thing.

Xul : Let's talk about Lyrics what are your inspirations to write your songs in this new opus?

   Attila Csihar : I usually use the themes I am interested in that same period, I use in lyrics it was a longer process now I read some books and made some researches as well on this album there are very straight lyrics but also very abstract lyrics also there is a certain stream among the songs however its not a concept album i used some themes from mythologies, eg. Ancient manuscripts of cataclysms, some stuffs based on Babylonians another scripts but there are themes about actual things like worlds conspiracy or religions there are abstract almost kinda suicidal themes as well also I liked and picked themes of mind manipulation and mind control or hypnosis of course there is an "evil shadow" behind the words there are more surreal and chaotic parts as well.. Its pretty lot of stuffs and nicely complex.

Xul : Special question about your gigs, how do you prepare it??? What’s the reaction of your fans during and after your shows?

   Attila Csihar : It depends on which gig. If we have the possibility to bring show elements like Spacebrains (www.spacebrain.no) stuff and pyrotech etc... then we need to prepare a bit more carefully. Usually we have a few rehearsals before and just go if it’s a single gig or festival. Sometimes I like to improvise a bit with the image and let myself find out things on the same day as the gig. If it’s a tour that’s a different thing again. People usually are satisfied with our gigs; sometimes they are going really crazy hehe. But normally we don’t have major chaos. It’s rare that someone got injured or fights.

Xul : Tell me, what is your reaction when you was banned from Poland before you gig there last summer?

   Attila Csihar : We were disappointed. They banned us the day before when we were already on the road to there. It was not cool at all. There were more th&n a thousand people waiting us. It’s bad when the asshole politicians controlling the art, entertainment and medias. It’s even more fucked up when its in a so called democratic EU country... We are non political band. Funny to hear those slogans about free religion and free speech here.

Xul : I was also disappointed when I hear that you was banned from Poland country of metal like Norway.

   Attila Csihar : Yes exactly Poland has a major scene... We still have offers to play there hehe.

Xul : You participate with a special band from UK "Anaal Nathrakh" what do you think about this band?

   Attila Csihar : That’s a cool band and we are friends for some years now. Nick was doing some drums for Aborym, and then I sang and Seth played some guitars on their EP.

Xul : What do you think about the actual Black Metal Scene; there are a lot of bands that grows up with new sounds?

   Attila Csihar : Its hard to follow the scene these days, there are lots of new bands. Basically I’m glad to see and hear about them. It’s cool to see young bands carry on. Other hand I don’t like when the spirit fades away. Some bands are just weak copies of others. There are crap bands as well among so many, its normal i guess. Basically I don’t care too much and i just do what my fate brings me. I’m still glad about the big scene and that we can tour and play around the world. 20 years ago it was total utopist and impossible.

Xul : Personal question: What is your best 2006 album and what is your 2006 deception?

   Attila Csihar : Let’s pick up Dissection... I liked that last album. Satyricon was a bit of deception to me. I’m just not sure where they are heading exactly but I still respect them.

Xul : Some words about HellHammer?

   Attila Csihar : he is ok. He is one of the greatest drummers on the world. He is playing with Dimmu Borgir... I don’t know what you want to hear he is beautiful as well hehe.

Xul : What's your definition of the underground?

   Attila Csihar : Underground is the form of art which is expression of a person or persons own inner world straight out. Without any kinda reflection to what people want to hear or to see. When you manifest your inner world in the same time to me underground today has something to do with negative polarity, the darker aspect of nature.

Xul : Which are your arguments to convince someone to listen to Metal?

   Attila Csihar : I would not convince anyone to listen anything. Anyway metal is one of the last scene in modern music where it’s dealing with spiritual and esoterically themes. As well one of the lasts where its still important the present of musicians. PERSONS who create vibes perform in real on the stages in live.

Xul : How did the collaboration with Sunn O))) take place?

   Attila Csihar : It’s a long story. I knew Steve O Malley from the early 90s. Then we hooked up again around 2001 when the idea of collaboration came.

Xul : Ok thank you Attila for according me this opportunity last words for our readers.

   Attila Csihar : Thanx for the questions and interest! Looking forward to play or visit your country one day. Raise up the horns in Tunisia! I can’t type anymore... I hate it hehe, cheers actually. I can tell you it’s very exclusive int. since I refused to do them all in the last 6 months hehe but I like it this way.

Xul : Thank you so much

   Attila Csihar : Welcome and good luck!

By Xul (january 2007)

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