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   Nocturnal Nightmare, Depressive Black Metal band from Sweden. Oliver Dahlbäck (a.k.a Lucian) & Jonas Vinterköld (a.k.a. Grotesk) official members of the band answered to our questions and talk about their new release Reflections Of A Suicidal Mind.

Xul : Hi Oliver & Jonas, thank you for your time to answer to our questions, you are two official members of Nocturnal Nightmare, Swedish Depressive Black Metal band, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Oliver Dahlbäck: This is Lucian from Nocturnal Nightmare

Jonas Vinterköld: And this is Grotesk from Nocturnal Nightmare

Xul : How did the project Nocturnal Nightmare takes place?

Oliver Dahlbäck: Nocturnal Nightmare came about early 2010, but was never really done anything about just a bunch of unfinished songs and riffs that was collecting dust in my mind... later around I decided to actually bury the band for good, and a few years later I meet up with Grotesk and I had thoughts re-awakening Nocturnal Nightmare from its sleep, and so I started to look for people interested eventually I had been through quite a few people but under a different name , originally formed as Fainted Light, back in 2009 . Then I came in contact with Grotesk from Död, his other band and I knew I had a chat with him and talked things over and also shared a lot of ideas and visions of what we could do together so he just joined the band and on that way it is.

Jonas Vinterköld: Yeas so Lucian came in contact with me, I was rather surprised that someone had heard of me. Because I had just put up some taste samples of my music on youtube. So when Lucian talked with me about Nocturnal Nightmare I got really interested we shared many visions and thoughts about the music. So then I joined Nocturnal Nightmare at the beginning of 2012 and from there our suicidal vision and propaganda started.

Xul : You released an EP this summer called Reflections Of A Suicidal Mind, 3 tracks of old school and depressive Black Metal, can you tell us about recording sessions?

Oliver Dahlbäck: the EP was recorded in less than a week, in my hometown, Umeå, it was actually recorded at 2 different places we did drums and some guitars in a rehearsal room at a local music store, at least Broken mirrors was done there, it went pretty smooth , we had like 24 hours a day to work! all and all it took maybe 3 days to complete the EP, with cover art and all... the rest of the recording process was done in a small room that is normally for rent.
We wanted to maintain the old school feel like early Burzum. A rebellion against the good production.

Jonas Vinterköld: Reflections Of A Suicidal Mind track 1 was recorded in my apartment and when I arrived in Umeå Lucian recorded drums on it.

Xul : So your EP is a homemade, and we can notice that one of your main influences is Burzum, can tell us about your others influences?

Jonas Vinterköld: Well my main influences are mostly DSBM bands like Happy Days early Shining, Hypothermia, Apati, Lifelover, Nocturnal Depression and Thy Light

Oliver Dahlbäck: I listen more to traditional Black Metal like Marduk,Watain,Dissection , but yes I do get influences from Thy Light, when I first heard their demo Suicide pression, Paolo who is the main person is an incredibly good musician ! Whom I truly respect!

Xul : Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, music for high special persons, according to your lyrical themes you talk about suicide, self-harm, depression, flagellation... what are your main inspirations?

Oliver Dahlbäck: A string of suicide that happened around 2009 -2010 in Sweden!

Jonas Vinterköld: My lyrics is all from my life my worst depressions and day to day life. So it is all actions or thoughts. I don’t believe in finding inspiration from anything but myself.

Xul : When I say "Silencer", what is your answer?

Oliver Dahlbäck: A very good band, but I have not listen that much to hem! I believe Grotesk is the right psycho to ask.

Jonas Vinterköld: A fucking brilliant band so special actually I can’t believe I forgot to put that into my inspiration. Nattramn is such a special musician. He and Kim Carlsson and Morbid are my biggest "idols" of inspiration music wise. The Guitars is so great everything is so "Fucked up" you can hear the mental-instability of Nattramn in the music. Sterile nails and Thunderbowels is my absolute favorite so that song with a video clip from Begotten is just plain insanity.

Xul : Your EP was released by Depressive Illusions Records, how did this deal takes place?

Oliver Dahlbäck: I knew Sergiy from before and at the time we did the EP it was only his label we were truly interested in so I talked to him and sent him a demo!

Jonas Vinterköld: I don’t have much to add to that

Xul : So, you will continue the experience with Depressive Illusions Records? Did you plan the next release?

Oliver Dahlbäck: At the moment we have not decided were our next chapter will be spread, but I we will see ! When the time is upon us!

Xul : And what about gigs? You will schedule lives or you will just release albums?

Oliver Dahlbäck: At the moment we don't have complete line up nether the time to rehearse together so let’s take it year by year!

Jonas Vinterköld: we have had ideas about pulling together a live gig but as Lucian said we don’t have lineup for that.

Xul : Okey, did you think to complete the line-up and add other members?

Oliver Dahlbäck: yes we had talked with a couple of friends from another band about having them as session musicians. They play in Mist of Misery

Xul : Good luck, what do you think about the actual Black Metal scene? With this wave of commercial bands.

Oliver Dahlbäck: Personally I don't care for what others do, that doesn't bother me!  We do what we do!

Jonas Vinterköld: Well Black Metal and its subgenres is my kind of music, I don’t care much for NSBM it is just not my thing, and I fucking hate Christian "Black Metal" fucking hypocrites. It’s a shame that many bands get into this kind of music without standing behind their words, And one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever came across is a commercial fashion "DSBM" band called Worthless Life the guy behind it have actually put up a picture on the FB site with fucking a fucking Emo kitten.

Xul : Perfect, thank you guys for your answers, last words to our readers

Oliver Dahlbäck: Keep spreading our suicidal propaganda and remember kids it’s down the road not across the street!

Jonas Vinterköld: Make me happy Kill yourself!

by Xul (November 2013)




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