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   Limbonic Art, one of the pioneer Symphonic Black Metal band from Norway come back to life and Daemon  answered to our questions and talk about the future of Limbonic Art

Xul : Limbonic Art, the band that don’t need introduction, but after the disbanded in 2003 with the reason of “run out of ideas”  the band back from the dead after 3 years. How can you explain this?

Daemon: We split up because we needed some time apart to work with our side projects. After years in dormancy, the interest suddenly came back to work together again with Limbonic Art. And we both felt that the time was right to create a new album.

Xul : Limbonic Art begins as a full band, but after the demise of the original line-up, Morfeus join to the band that still limited on tow members. Is this a choice or just you don’t find the coherent musicians for the Limbonic Art spirit?

Daemon: Me and Morfeus has a very strong ego. It is definitely a choice not to bring new blood into the band. It is also rather difficult to find people that are skilled for this kind of music.

Xul : You participated in Mayhem tribute "Originators of the Northern Darkness" by covering "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas". Can you tell us about your relation with this band knowing that Attila Csihar from Mayhem was a Guest Vocal in your 2002 release “The Ultimate Death Worship”.

Daemon: I personally knew Euronymous when he was still alive. I was several times at his record shop called “Helvete”. He once played the album “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” for me without the vocals. It was after the suicide of Dead but before the arrival of Attila. I was completely possessed by this title track. And then finally they were able to record the vocals, and the album was complete. When Limbonic Art were asked to do a Mayhem cover song on this tribute some years later. It was an incredible honour to play exactly that song. 

Xul : What are you principal influences?

Daemon: I have sworn to cultivate Metal music until the day I decide to journey to the other side.

Xul : In your first albums, especially “Moon in the Scorpio” and “In Abhorrence Dementia”, we notified big symphonic influences by using symphonic elements like violin, viola, cello…. But in your last albums “The Ultimate Death Worship” and “Legacy of Evil” we miss these elements, Limbonic Art become more Black Metal than Symphonic Black Metal. How can you explain this radical changing?

Daemon: The symphonic parts are still there in the music. But it is more hidden in the musical structure.
At one point the guitars started to be more dominant than the keyboards, and the sound changed perhaps a bit more to the extreme. The classical symphonic elements are not missing at all in my opinion. It is just a new landscape or sound picture if you like.

Xul : Can you give us an idea about the process of writing the Limbonic Art’s music?

Daemon: It is very difficult to explain the process of making music with Limbonic Art. Most of the time we have created songs together at the rehearsal place, but on this new album we have worked more separately. Almost without any rehearsal, we started to record in the studio. I had a lot of the material prepared at my place, whole profiles of songs. This time most of the songs are composed on guitars, but in the beginning we usually started with the electronic parts such as keyboards and drum computer. I would dare to say that we work in mysterious ways.

Xul : Nocturnal Art Productions, the major Label of Limbonic Art, have you a good relation with this label? And they did their work (especially promotion) like you want?

Daemon: Nocturnal Art Production has always been a good Label to be signed on. They have done a great job. Today there is also the Candlelight Label involved in our releases. So far everything is quite okay. I believe the promotion is even bigger now than in the old days.

Xul : Limbonc Art’s gig is something special for band with only two members, how can you prepare you shows with session members, and how do you choose them?

Daemon: We have done a few live shows in the earlier days with one extra person on stage. This person did not play any instrument what so ever. It was just to assist us with running the computer programs. The drums, keyboards and samples. Only me and Morfeus did actually perform live acts. Today there are no more live shows. I believe that Limbonic Art is not a typical live band. Only a studio band.

Xul : Some people 'accuse' your re-formation to be only for pure commercial purposes. What can you say about that?

Daemon: I do not care what some people say. We create music together because it is our interest to do so.

Xul : Speaking about re-formations, what do you think about other 'big' bands from Norway, such as Immortal and Emperor, reforming? And do you personally listen to those bands, or used to listen to them at the beginning of Limbonic Art's career?

Daemon: These names are bands that have created a lot of great music. I have no specific meanings about their return. But I personally believe their first albums were the best.

Xul : Lyrics in Black Metal often deal with 'Satanism', 'Evil', 'Death' and other similar 'morbid subjects', even so many years after what most people consider 'the first extreme Metal album', Black Metal by Venom; Limbonic Art seems to do that as well, so is Black Metal really tied with such subjects?

Daemon: Yes. Or else it is not Black Metal.

Xul : What do you think about 'Christian' Black Metal?

Daemon: Is this question meant to be a joke…?  Pure Black Metal is meant to be a war against christianity  and other pathetic religions.

Xul : What are the major changes within the (Black) Metal scene that you witnessed through the years? And what are your thoughts about what's happening nowadays, in both the 'underground' and more 'famous' Metal scenes?

Daemon: The black metal phenomenon has become more abstract through the years. More strange elements has been allowed in the music genre. In the beginning the music was very primitive and nasty sounding. It was a spawn of terror musically speaking. I do not care that much about bands from the new millennium. I rather listen to the music I grew up with. From the old days I get my inspiration.

Xul : Limbonic Art will continue? Do you prepare something to the near future? Gigs, festivals, any up-coming release? Another disband?

Daemon: If the force is with us, we will record and release another full-length album next year. But there will be no more live shows. That part is out of the question.

Xul : Last words to our readers!

Daemon : On behalf of Limbonic Art, Daemon

by Xul (October 2007)



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