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   Absentation, first Syrian band to release a Death Metal full-length one of the active bands in Syria, our interview Persian Cyrus interviewed Salah former member of the band, a long interview to talk about Absentation and its ideology.

Persian Cyrus: Can you tell me how you start the ABSENTATION project?

Salah : Actually from the band I was listen to especially death the idea was come in my early days of my life but the major problem was the MONEY yes money to but guitar but in 2000 I buy my first guitar after this I meet RAAFAT and he was one of the few finest guitarist in Syria so we make arrangement to make our first band and it was call EPITAPH but this project did not see the light because of the bad situation of the metal heads and lack of money so we decide to split up but after this I did not give up so I start my own project a one man band ABSENTATION

Persian Cyrus: What the major problem you face when you create your band?

Salah : As I told you money to buy the equipment and lack of good musician who can play extern style and the is no legal sponsor or shops who sell this music because the stores who sell this music are underground stores

Persian Cyrus: ok what about the support …did any one support you when you start your project?

Salah : NO! no one believe in me in the beginning and in my project except one friend who keep on supporting me to do this project 

Persian Cyrus: why you choose this name ABSENTATION, what meaning of it? ABSENTATION in organ mean mindless or brainless something like that and we all.

Salah : know all behaviour in this society come from the mind so we talk about both the mind and society

Persian Cyrus: do you try to go on live show?

Salah : No

Persian Cyrus: why?

Salah : Because as I told you I can’t find sponsors or  musician and as you know we have some legal problem about this kind of music so I concentrate on recording but I get some offer to play on live but I refused

Persian Cyrus: what you think of the metal audiences in Syria?

Salah : We have a lot of metal heads around here but not all of them have the metal since …you know what I am talking about and the faith in metal no one just few of few and all the other’s listen to metal as matter of fashion

Persian Cyrus: What must razz you face when you release the first album ?

Salah : First of all I didn’t distributed the album in Syria must of the people download it from the internet and some of them say this is not me who play this music and the others say is not extreme music but they all fell jealousy and hate for me in the same time and how don’t like it he don’t have it listen to it.

Persian Cyrus: we all know that you say before there is no good musician so how do you get these members to the band?

Salah : First of all I didn’t say that’s we don’t have I say there is just few good musician and the first idea come to me when I meet HADI by coincidence and I know from few friends that’s he have good talent in his voice so I go to his home and I was so shock when I listen to his voice I never expect that some one in Syria have this talent after this I start looking for guitarist and drummer but I couldn’t find any so I remember my old friend and the X  EPITAPH member RAAFAT because as I said so one of the finest guitarists and he can play extreme stuff so easily so I call him and went to his home and arrange a meeting with HADI too and tell them my project for the new album every body like the idea and in the week we start to training to do our album.
And as matter of fact the band never enter studio because of the budget so they recorded the album on HADI room in the roof of this building

Persian Cyrus: So we can say this you one lead guitar and bass RAAFAT on guitar and HADI is the vocal…but who do the lyrics?

Salah : Of course all of us
Must of the lyrics about the society and corruptions and the rotten habits

Persian Cyrus: every body know about you last album (MENTAL BATTLE RESURRACTION) but why you did not distributed in Syria can we know why?

Salah : Because we sign a contract with American record label call A DARK PHILOSOPHY RECORDS and we are sorry that the company don’t have distribution channel in Syria to sell the album but you can buy it on line from
and there is another matter why company don’t sell the album in Syria because that we don’t have copy rights low  so the company are interested to publishing it around the global for now but after my tour I will and record my new album I will  publish the new album (CLAVES INFERNI)

Persian Cyrus: what you think about the local bands? and do you look for them as your competitors ?

Salah : The local bands are good but they don’t have the passion to create great music but I support all the band even if they don’t support me and I don’t think they are competitors because we are the only band who play this style

Persian Cyrus: what you think of the local bands in the other Arabic countries?

Salah : Hmmmmmmmmmm…………… they are good

Persian Cyrus: what is your favourite Arabic band?

Salah : Vaguest from Lebanon

Persian Cyrus: what is your favourite foreign band?

Salah : Death from U.S.A

Persian Cyrus: who is your ideal person?

Salah : Shuck from death

Persian Cyrus: What is your favourite album?

Salah : Spiritual Healing - Death

Persian Cyrus: who do you wish to play with on the stage?

Salah : King Diamond

Persian Cyrus: what you like to say for your fans?

Salah : Keep the spirit of metal alive and keep it suck and brutal

Persian Cyrus: ABSENTATION in few words..!

Salah : Pure old school death metal

Persian Cyrus: Why RAAFAT left the band and you just say he is one of the finest?

Salah : Simply he want go to Egypt to live with his mates and to play back again with his old band OBLIVION

Persian Cyrus: your fans want to see you on the stage?

Salah : As soon as I can I will as soon as I can find good guitarist and good drummer
and I like to make statement the ABSENTATION need one guitarist and one drummer so if any body want to play with our band go to our web site and send me a E-mail

Persian Cyrus: you say your new album call (CLAVES INFERNI)!!! What that mean in which language?

Salah : These words mean the keys to infernal empire and are from ancient language from the 4th century

Persian Cyrus: what about these keys can you told me more about it?

Salah : It is the keys of satanic and the album content secret and incantations and about priest who receive dark wisdom from Lucifer and wish to go to infernal life

Persian Cyrus: When you will start recording the new album?

Salah : November

Persian Cyrus: I know that you have nick name call (EMPEROR NOCTULIUS)?do you really think that you are emperor?

Salah : I like to say I love this name and I am sure that I am the emperor ……….and I know that you are trying to trick me but this time I trick you (he is laughing)

Persian Cyrus: why some people say that you are perky? And why so?

Salah : Will you can’t say perky but I am proud for who I am and what I have done in short time and the others can’t do it and they who have money and time and support to do it and I am not

Persian Cyrus: are you ready to make project with local band even if they are not good as you want them to be?

Salah : Look I support any local bands don’t forget we all from same country but all I want some one with good metal spirit and faith and I like to play it brutal so I encourage all the freaking minds and ideas but not if they bad I will not play with them because I don’t want to lose my reputation

Persian Cyrus: any project in your mind for the future?

Salah : Yes sure there is one with RAAFAT band OBLIVION and anther side project in back metal but not starting yet
I think this the end SALAH and I wish in the next time to meet HADI thanks for your time and the coffee and I am waiting for the next album

by Persian Cyrus (October 2007)



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