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   Tvangeste Russian Black Metal with Epic, Orchestral, Symphonic touchs & influences… this band disappear for years, according to some troubles before recordings their 3rd full-length the band enter in hibernation but they still active behind the scene, nowadays Tvangeste back stronger than ever.
Leader of the band Miron answered our questions and update Tvangeste’s fans with fresh news.

Xul : Hi Miron and all of the Tvangeste Horde, I want to thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

Miron : Hails, man! Thank You for the support and for a good chance to update your magazine's readers with the latest info from the Tvangeste camp.

Xul : Tvangeste, a Russian band based in Canada, met some obstacles these last years, especially between 2006 and 2007 when you decided to enter the studio, the Swedish embassy refused to give you visas.
Can you tell us about this misadventure?

Miron : In fact it was quite a long story and visas alone mean nothing – it was a pure black line of different misfortunes that led us to the deep “idleness”. Back then we didn't have Canadian passports so we had to apply for a Schengen visa. We were quite unfortunate to apply for our visas right before the planned recording session. My application was rejected and we simply had no time to re-apply in another country. So we lost a decent amount of cash to pay for an empty studio in Gotheborg, heh...

Xul : After this misadventure, you planned to enter the studio again and you announced it on your official website at the end of 2012, but 13 months later, no news about the 3rd Tvangeste opus. Can you tell us something about it; the recording session, the release date…?

Miron : Honestly – this album is cursed! For now I have no doubts about that as we've faced so many troubles, weird obstacles and stupid delays causing problems that I have no other way to explain it. All I can tell for now (fingers inverted-crossed) is this:  ALL music for the third album is done. I mean it – over 2 hours of non repeating themes have been composed, we have recorded all choirs in Prague this summer and all that we have to do now is to record Metal parts, my vocals and mix/master it all. We'll be collaborating with one of the most talented sound engineers I've had a chance to work with – Vlad Avy from Toronto, Ontario. Mastering will be most likely done in Finland's Finnvox as I have mastered quite a lot of albums there for my own projects and projects for my friends, always with top notch results (I've always worked with Minerva Pappi ).  So Tvangeste's number three is here, it's done and we have been doing our best (quite literally!) to get it out as soon as possible. 

Xul : Will you be using Satori as a name for the 3rd album? Or are you superstitious and thus you decided to choose a new one?

Miron : Since our strong belief in the curse of the third album being serious – the album's title will be changed for sure. Also, being foolishly superstitious people, we decided not to share the new title with anybody so our dear fans will know it the same day the album is out.

Xul : Let’s talk about your music, Tvangeste is considered as a Black Metal band with Symphonic and Orchestral aspects, do you agree with this or do you have your own name-genre?

Miron : Honestly – I'd prefer not to limit ourselves with narrow styles. One is certain – Tvangeste is a Metal band! I hate the new sub-sub-sub genre creation but I understand that it's in human's nature – to try and stand out shouting “I am not like you as I am unique!” In our case – we just do what we feel no matter if it resembles something or not – in my opinion that is the best way of composing music – to be honest with yourself and to be creative. But to satisfy you with a more precise answer – I could call Tvangeste's music extreme symphonic metal. Yes, with particular black metal elements and heavy classical music influence.

Xul : Which are your main influences (bands and music genres)?

Miron : Our own thoughts.... yes – those have always been my main inspiration that influenced Tvangeste's   music heavily. I personally tend not to listen to metal music of similar genres just to avoid unwitting “stealing” of ideas. So classical music mixed with movie soundtracks and certain art rock bands could be considered as a partial influence but usually I hear the whole thing of not yet composed pieces of music inside of my head  - so all I have to do is to get it out of there and bring into our world. Too bad – such things do not happen often and when I have nothing to say – I simply do not create any new themes. Again - I believe in an honest way of music composing - do it only if your soul needs it and if you have something to say. That's why we don’t record album after album (though it's too bad, speaking commercially, as metal bands MUST remind about their existence at least once per 102 years to keep staying alive in mass media).

Xul : Your lyrical themes are based on Epic tales about ancient Russia, you will continue on this road?

Miron : Our lyrical parts have been always about two major things:
Prussia (not the same as Russia! Prussia is a small part of territory on the Baltic Sea shores).
Deep psychological analysis of our place in this world... who we are, what we are and where we belong to....
The third album will add more controversial ideas to our lyrics: The role of Faith, the true meaning of Motherland, the reasons behind wars and why patriotism and other, initially good things, are now a tool of mass manipulation... the third album will also be a concept one so there will be an evolving story with its main hero and his way through life. Cannot tell you much more to avoid spoilers. The new album's lyrics are written by our good friend from Norway – Nash Rothanburg.

Xul : Will you use some Epic sounds and instrumentations on your next release?

Miron : Yes! That is exactly what we will be using quite often as the album's theme requires epic and powerful support.

Xul : Nightmare Storm is an American short-film based on Tvangeste – Storm’s lyrics and music. How do you find it? And how did the collaboration take place between you and the producers?

Miron : In fact it was them who contacted us with a copyright request (to grant them the use of our themes). One day I simply found a letter from them with the request to allow the use of three of our themes in their movie together with an attached movie script. As it was something new, and seeing how we really liked the idea – we accepted their offer gladly. Personally I believe the result is really good with an interesting way of turning our album's ideas into cinema shape. DC Whitehall and Co did a really impressive job and on behalf of the rest of the band I am grateful for their efforts!

Xul : Epic question: on the short-film “Nightmare Storm”, I found the wizard ridiculous, what about you, sincerely? (Laughs)

Miron : Seriously – I LIKED the way they did it! Not kidding – it's a new and fresh idea to escape from cliché types and to fiddle with imagination a bit. So – indeed, he IS ridiculous, BUT that's exactly what I like in his character!

Xul : You (Miron) are an active person, you participated in a Hungarian documentary called "Attention:  Black Metal” how was this experience? I didn’t get the chance to see the movie so can you give as a brief summary about it?

Miron : Well, not as active as I could be, but – thank you for the compliment, mate!  Regarding the documentary ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4AdeymOhnw ) one day I got a message from
Miklos (the documentary producer) with an offer to participate and, as I am always open to new things, I immediately agreed. The movie contains several interviews given by members of Moonspell, Bal Sagoth, Sear Bliss, Rotting Christ and others with the main idea  -  to find out what Black Metal means ...its true origin and what could be called BM. Quite interesting to watch and understand what's inside the heads and hearts of mentioned above musicians.

Xul : On 2005 you recorded vocal sessions for the Israeli band Arafel on their second opus ”The Second Strike: The Flame of Ages” how did you live this experience and what can you say about this band?

Miron : Arafel guys are all from former USSR. I knew them for ages, helped them with their first album recording in Poland and when they got into trouble with their vocalist I gladly helped  them with my vocals (all vocal parts for their “The Second Strike” were developed  and recorded by me in October 2004....damn! Nearly ten years ago... time runs...).

Xul : Reading your point of view, Tvangeste says: “Your God is in your Head and this God is You”.
This philosophic statement means many things but how can you use it in the process of music-writing?

Miron : As described above – the main thing is to clear your mind from all outer influences and to use your own thoughts and feelings. Not to follow but to lead - that's the main idea. Be creative and do your own music the way YOU feel it. Be honest with your art and bring new things to this reality.

Xul : You live in Canada since years, did you attend gigs and festivals? For sure you meet many bands, do they ask you to play with them?

Miron : When we arrived to Canada (back in 2005) I received tons of emails from Canadian musicians. One year before our arrival our album was licensed and released by Canadian metal label NEOBLAST RECORDS (Montreal based) so Tvangeste name was known and I got many offers to help, participate, join... but we decided to concentrate on our own life and thus – we do not communicate with other people much (in real life). Frankly speaking – we didn't meet any friends of us for 1-2 years here in Canada and we also have extremely limited amount of people whom we could call “friends”. So to answer your question – no, I don't communicate with the local metal scene at all. We got offers from all major booking agencies and haven't used any of the contacts since 2005.

Xul : Niagara Falls is a source of inspiration for scientists, travelers, artists… is it the case for you?

Miron : Well... tricky question.  I'd say that my heart belongs to Prussian land, to my dear Curonian Spit, shores of the Baltic Sea... I don’t miss my native town (Kaliningrad, ex-Konigsberg) at all but I do miss something … let's call it “spirit of the place”. That's what I cannot find here. Niagara is beautiful but we do not belong to this place, we do not share its energy and we will never understand it. So in my case – my inspiration here in Niagara is situated across the Ocean in the Ancient lands of Prussia.

Xul : What do you think about the current Metal Scene?

Miron : I don't know what to say, man. Seriously - I don't follow metal trends - I listen to my favorite bands and there's lots of music inside my mind at the moment. So, I believe, it still exists, doesn't it? =)

Xul : Thank you Miron. The last words for Tvangeste’ fans?

Miron : The ten years of silence are over! The new album will be out soon, guys (and ladies)! Most likely, this will be our final bow as I'm going to finish Tvangeste with the release but.... let's see...
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Love and Respect your Friends – and let our Enemies Die!!!!!!

By Xul (November 2013)



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