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   Gloomy Grim is not Dead, it was just preparing its comeback, since Under the Spell of the Unlight the band went to a hibernation to prepare a new demo and to tell the world; we are here fellas don't forget us, we are masters of Horror Black Metal.

Xul : Hi Juha, first of all thank you for this opportunity.
Gloomy Grim doesn’t need any introduction, 18 years of existence, 5 full-length, many gigs, a career and a horror ideology. But since 2008 GG is sleeping in the coldest forest of Finland, between mountains in the darkest side of Scandinavia, are you losing inspiration? Or you are planning a new release for very soon?

Agathon : Hello.  It is true that we released our latest full lenght "Under The Spell Of The Unlight" at 2008. Time runs so fast that I don´t always keep up with it. One thing, which have affected my ability to do music is, that after "Under.." the house where I lived were teared down and I lived few years in my old camper & also in places, where it was impossible to do any music, as I need computer for doing it. But now (around 15.11.2014) there is coming demo CD "Grimoire" through Murdher records (Italy). It is minicd (4 new songs) as were "Grim Fate", which came out 2010. With "Grimoire" we want to show the world that we are alive and well. I did it basically by myself at home, so it is just a demo and limited to 200 copies only. Also we hope to find some decent label, who can release our music. Anticulture, who released "Under..." was full of shit.

Xul : Can you tell us who are the active members of Gloomy Grim?

Agathon :  Agathon; vocals, synths
Lord Heikkinen; guitar
Nukklear Tormentörr; bass
Suntio; drums

So there is line-up change after "Under..". Mörgoth (guitar) went away. 

Xul : According to some magazines, your music is considered as Horror Metal, others consider it Symphonic Black Metal, how can you describe your own music?
Agathon : Gloomy Grim started, when I wanted to try to make music  to horror movies. After making some stuff, I thought that I could try to add Metal on it also. So, I describe our music as Horror Metal. Some say it is Symphonic etc. and that is fine for me also.

Xul : Let’s talk about The Grand Hammering 2004 album, I found this album special, and not on the same aspect with other releases, you give an important values to guitars, I heard some heavy and thrashy riffs like on Bloody Grim and on other time Brutal Black riffs remembering Marduk (I take for example your title Corps Of Doom). What are you bands/genres influences?
Agathon : That album is special. It is done different way than I do Gloomy Grim normally. I do synths first and then guitars are added. At that record I did guitars first and then added synths. It is also only our record, where is songs without synths. Strange thing is, that when "Grand.." arrived, some reviews said that "this is same Gloomy Grim stuff than before" etc. Feels that sometimes reviewers don´t even listen albums, just put some jargon in text and then put  some random number for it.

Xul : On the 1st title of The Grand Hammering, you begin with “The second coming of Christ hasn't come”
Are you waiting for it/him?

Agathon : It has been promised quite long time that he will come, none has arrived.. And yes, it would be nice to see, what would happen after christs coming. Actually I think that nothing would happen. He would maybe be put into some mental institution and fed full of drugs. Like; "I am Son Of God!". "yes, yes, we have seen similar cases many times", "nice doctor will see you soon".

Xul : On Under The Spell Of The Unlight, 12 tracks; 12 months but you begin with “April - Within The Woods”, can you explain this choice? Is there any message to forward?
Agathon : Those lyrics are from my diary about the house where I lived and about the happenings there. I moved there at April. Many people have asked that same question and it showes me that many people have downloaded the album, not bought... If they would have been bought it, they would have understood, why it starts from April.

Xul : According to your lyrics, I remark that you are not into religion; you are trying to convince people that religion doesn’t exist and they must trust on them. What can you tell us about this “conviction”?

Agathon : Religion does exist, but only in the minds of people. I try to tell people that they do it in vain.  People try to convience themselves that there is life after death and it matters what you do here. It does not. Actually if you start to think of life it really doesn´t matter what you do. You live, then you die. Even you have done how wrong or good, it does not matter. IF there is some heaven or hell, I will be amazed. Have to wait and see. I use Lucifer as synonym of human himself. The One who is capable of doing anything he wants. He can not be tamed down by any god, since humans are only god like creatures in this planet. Humans have also invented god! What is invented by human, can be also be destroyed by human. We live just for the sake of living and that we have been born. Even people try to think that they are somehow special in this universe. Our life is just in the minds of others. If someone don´t know you, when you are alive, then you don´t exist to them. Or have ever existed. So in that sense, you are not alive to them.  If you know that classic phrase that "Is there sound, when tree falls to ground, if none is hearing it?". It is same thing with humans.  We exist only in the minds of others.

About million years ago human did not exist and I am sure that after million years, humans does not exist. Not in heaven, not in Hell, not in earth, not anywhere.

Even I don´t believe in afterlife, I do believe in somekind of "other worlds" and that after we die, we leave somekind of energy here and in the places where we have influenced and of course to the people we have been in contact. These are "afterlife", yes, but not in the sense, how religions try to tell us. Religions have been created to control people, not to serve them.  And I want to be a free man!

Xul : When we talk about horror history, we talk about vampire novels, like Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, did you read that book?

Agathon : I read mostly only non-fictional books, like serial killer studies etc.   

Xul : And what can you say about H.P. Lovercraft and its horror fiction stories?
Agathon : I like Lovecrafts mythology behing the stories.

Xul : When you are on the writing process, you use keyboards and computer at first, but we have no idea about the rest… how do you write your music?
Agathon : Like told earlier that is case in all albums except "Grand...". After full song has been made with keyboard and computer, we gather and start to look guitar riffs. I usually do also piano rhytms, which try to simulate how guitars should go. At "Grimoire" I tried that method again, that I did guitars first. I am pretty sure, that next full lenght will be mix of these two methods. So in every sense, it would be different than any previous Gloomy Grim album.

Xul : As known you are the only one he wrote previous albums/releases, from demos to the last single Grim Fate, why this choice? You want to work/create music alone or it is just a coincidence?
Agathon : When Gloomy Grum started, it was clear choice, that I am The Dictator in this band. At that time I had been too much under others "commands" as a drummer, so I decided that in this band I decide how songs would go. There have been few songs, where is parts of other guys riffs etc and I don´t mind about that. But I am pretty sure that there will not be song, where someone else has done the whole song.   

Xul : Agathon, is not just a Black Metal singer and songwriter, but you are a drummer, you write lyrics, you play guitars, you are a designer, sound-engineering, you helped Twilight Ophera on recording session on 2006, we can notice that you are an active person, far away all those things bound to Metal Music, how can you imagine and describe your life?
Agathon : I have been quite active in Metal scene, yes, but I am little of bit tired of being part of it now. Or part of humanity after all. I live within the woods again and like to do my own things more and more, away from other people. It does not mean, that I am going to quit anything, but it means that I try to concentrate more on things, whose really matter to me. I like to be alone quite much and everytime I visit at city, I see so much of those phony people, who are really lost of this life and what it is all about.  To live your life for yourself, not as servant for some other.

Xul : I want to ask you about your side projects; Nomicon and Wahalla are on-hold and no-one knows if those bands will back or no. and Bozo Brigade is an unknown band, can you give us some infos about them?
Agathon : I don´t know about Nomicon, if there is going to be any music ever or not. Haven´t seen Nomicons mainman for several years. It is quite sure, that in any case, I am not going to play in it. Walhalla will surely do something someday, but none knows when. Bozo Brigade has been buried with it´s singer, who died in overdose of combination of drugs & alcohol several years ago.

Xul : Are you planned for the future to start a solo-project, playing ambient music with horror atmosphere?

Agathon : You read my mind! This kind of project has been in my thoughts. 

Xul : Are you interested by writing O.S.T for horror films?

Agathon : Yes. 

Xul : Last Words for your fans and for me :D

Agathon : Try to get copy of "Grimore", so you´ll hear that GLOOMY GRIM is alive and well.

By Xul via mail (October 2014)


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