Carnal Demise & Turmion Kätilöt : September 28th, 2013 - Kuopio, Finland

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   The gig started at, not around because this is Finland and time is crucial, 22:00. Carnal Demise was the first band to warm up and perform: Some Thrash/Death Metal tunes with clear vocals. The Kuopio-based band has already signed and released a studio album and are expecting to release the upcoming one as soon as prospects for signing are confirmed, told the vocalist Jarkko Korhonen.

   After fourty to fourty-five minutes of Carnal Demise, it was the turn for the Kuopio-originating and Finland-wide acclaimed Turmion Kätilöt, translated “Midwives of Ruination” or “Deliverers of Ruination” in English. The band has been widely known for its fine tunes, unorthodox acts, and unusual shows. Previously the band has released the single “Jalopiina" that was announced to be commercialised through usual purchase, through legal free electronic downloading that one could pay for it if they wish (and ironically enough the band also paid some people for having downloaded it), or though stealing physical copies that were announced to be hidden in miscellaneous music stores across the country, accompanied by a disclaimer of not stealing the album outside working hours.

This gig was expected to be the promotion of the newly released “Technodiktator”, and it started as such with the song “To Be Contiuned Act 1”, not “To Be Continued” as it is an intended wordplay. Afterwards the band announced jokingly that “this was it and thank you for coming”, since the song was the last one in the album’s play-list. The band later continued to perform songs from various albums mixing Industrial Metal sounds with 8-bit loops and heavy guitar riffs with harsh techno beats, only to interrupt it with some pun-intended jokes, and by the end, the vocalist of Carnal Demise made another appearance wearing a head towel and singing with MC Raaka Pee. The band's performance was overall good, except for some sound saturation problems, and some rare inaudible guitar parts. Turmion Kätilöt's playlist was: “To Be Contiuned Act 1”, “Grand Ball”, “U.S.C.H!”, “Silmät Sumeat”, “Nimi Kivessä”, “Tirehtööri”, “Teurastaja”, “Elävä Koneeksi”, “Hades”, “Antaa Palaa”, “Minä Määrään”, and “Pyhä Maa”, and their encore consisted of “Suolainen Kapteeni” and “Vedetäänkö Vai Ei?”.

After the gig, I asked MC Raaka Pee about the new album reviews, and the Musical affinities. The band seems to be quite satisfied so far with the reviews of “Technodiktator” and the appreciation of Rammsteinish sounds is coupled with a determination to make this Metal subgenre / fusion more appealing and, well, crazier, which the bands seems to be doing quite well.

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