Brood of Hatred (Tun) : Nouvel album et signature avec un label

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   Enfin des news qui font du bien; Brood of Hatred, un groupe de Death Metal tunisien, vient d'annoncer deux nouvelles à ses fans, les voici :

"We are pleased to announce that we, Brood Of Hatred, officially signed a contract with a label to be announced soon, We are releasing our debut full length Album "Skinless Agony" early 2014, in both digital and hard format starting with Scandinavia/Europe..
We are now putting the final touches on the cuts of the mix and the design process.. BoH is going through a new great experience despite the bad rough conditions in this country, a lot of hard work is in process and a new line up is also to be announced!
Stay up to date for more infos, and get ready to order the album!."

"We're pleased to announce the details of our full-length debut Album release, entitled "Skinless Agony".
The music on this release is centered on, exploring new horizons in terms of atmosphere and lyrical themes, tainted by the accelerating rate of change that our world is experiencing.
It is a statement about the painful ugliness and transcendental beauty of the human experience.
Big thanks and respect for our fans that are very near and dear to our hearts.
The track listing for the ALBUM is:

01.Deconstruction 04:46
02.The mind that Emerged 05:16
03.Technological Genocide 04:08
04.Cacophony In The Creation 04:03
05.The singularity is near 01:19
06.Skinless Agony 06:03
07.Predestined Suicide 05:13
08.Obsession 09:15
09.Disbelief Grows 02:53

C'est le premier groupe tunisien de Death Metal qui décroche un contrat avec un label étranger, après Myrath (Progressive Metal) et Ayyur (Black Metal) les BoH honore le Death Tunisien.
La chronique de New Order Of Intelligence premier EP du groupe est dispo ici

Plus d'infos bientot.

Facebook de Brood of Hatred

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