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Band : Black Elegy

Release : Pathway

Year : 2012

Country : Germany

Genre : Gothic/Doom Metal

Label : Independent

Note : 05/20

Reviewer : Manel Lilioth

Tracklist :
01.Safe & Sound
02.Saturnine Past
03.Frozen Heart
05.The Ego And Its Own
07.Darkest Night
09.Words Of Accusation
10.Empty Skies

   Black Elegy
a Dark Metal band from the beautiful Hamburg released their debut album "Pathway" last year. It took them two years to come to this band’s line-up and finally after hard work they leashed their first EP and then "Pathway". Will they be rewarded, we’ll see!

Because of lack of compilation and extremely poor production with a zero mix and mastering I couldn’t define the soulful female vocals of Anne Kristine, neither the sound of bass or drums in the whole album with overwhelming Death Melodic guitar riffs along with some deep growl vocals of Fabian. Sometimes I get the feel that is made to be instrumental though you still hear someone trying hard to prove his existence! Inacceptable, from a German band couldn’t mix the album with a help of several non-profit music organizations if they can’t pay a producer. They should at least care of the image of the second largest country that produces legendary metal musicians worldwide.
However, I will try to forget about this luck of a production quality and the unharmonious sound of Anne Kristine, the guitar work convincingly clean or acoustically in the financial statements as “Empty Skies”  sounds diverse with unworthy listening leads whether in the trailing “Walls” or during the anthem opener “Safe & Sound”. “Frozen Heart”, “The Ego And Its Own” and “Darkest Night” are quite a bit making an exception to the rule, and when both operate at the same time. “Zombie”, although sounds experiment, but as always disconcerting.

The artwork of the album cover is professionally designed , flying eagle in the frozen winter and I can’t really say if it’s match with the lyrics or the album main theme because I couldn’t understand or hear the words comes out from this river neither couldn’t I feel the atmosphere of Black Elegy.

Par Manel Lilioth


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