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Band : Casket

Release : Upright Decay

Year : 2008

Country : Germany

Genre : Death Metal

Label : MDD Records

Note : 08/20

Tracklist :
02.Hunting Time
03.Consultant Of Death
04.Riding To Gore
05.The Rising
06.The Beauty Of Darkness
07.Faces Of The Dead
09.Upright Decay
10.The Life I Die
11.Still Warm
12.Piece Of Loin

   While scanning and skimming extreme Metal actuality, I can not hide the cheerful wave that overwhelms me whenever I figure out the generous presence of Death Metal.
Nevertheless, I always risk a persistent disappointment since the market is quite huge and Death Metal is quite alive.
Today, I come with Casket’s second full-length in my pocket; “Upright Decay” is a 12 tracks album that is generous in term of quantity but not really in term of content.
This German band is certainly heavy, as long as it insisted on heaviness it left so much about Death Metal behind…

If you try to locate some Death Metal in “Upright Decay”; you would appreciate the permanent growling vocals. However, you’ll find some scattered riffs in “Hunting Time”, “Faces of The Dead” and “Upright Decay”. Still, they are raw, old school and mostly morose.
At a best, it is an early “Autopsy” with a heavy production.

I personally refer this scarcity of Death Metal in this album to the massive amount of Thrash and even Hardcore dominating aspects lurking behind assaults of drums.

In Fact, Casket sounds like a Thrash Metal band trying to play some Death Metal.
Indeed, this album can easily bring you back to the genesis’ time of the genre when it used to be fused with other Metals and not veritably distinct.

The Rising” is as thrashy as Thrash.
Faces of The Dead” is introduced by a Morbid Angel, progressed into a Pro-Pain Hardcore and flavoured by a System of a Down bridge-riff!
Riding The Gore” has nothing gory or aggressive; a one-dimensional vicious circle lacking even minor Death Metal protocols.
The Life I Die” starts with a Judas Priest and dissolves into tasteless old school Metal tremolo riffs.
Warhammer” sounds like a “Bathory” cover.

Two other points I want to highlighten, the first is about the polyrhythmic part on “Consultant of Death” which may sound creative at first, but I see it like a weakness at the level of drums while re-listening; it is probably a way to replace technically difficult fills with fragmented and chaotic patterns.
The second point is about “Beauty of Darkness” which contains Groove riffs which are played with zero groove, as if Death Metal requires only rigidity and no groove…

An original final track: "Piece of Loin" is the last track on the list; surprisingly acoustic, astonishingly "Indies" and instrumental! A song that invokes José Gonzales...

As a whole, “Upright Decay” is deceptive. The band should dig deeper into its potential in order to formulate a right match.
This album is negatively hybrid, mutating Death Metal, Thrash and Hardcore cells.
A strange portrait in the wrong frame.

By Anti-Geist

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