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Band : Diktat

Release : II (Demo)

Year : 2008

Country : France

Genre : Brutal Death Metal

Label : Independent

Note : 13/20

Tracklist :
01.Indiscipline Jurisprudence
03.The Nihilist
07.Sadus & Marie

   Brutality in Death Metal can reside at many different levels and in many different ways in the genre. However, brutal deathsters always attempt to inject all kind of musical brutalizers targeting a farther earache or an unfathomable brain damage.
Diktat is one of the bands that definitely target your mind, while the ear can merely deliver the waves of pathology to your poor brain…

The french band has released its second demo simply entitled “II”; an exhibition of their sick potential, a concrete practice of the chaos theory and certainly another spice in the kitchen of Brutality through Lunacy. Right on the path of bands such are Yattering, Nyia, Origin and, in another way, Pitbulls In The Nursery and some Grind bands.

At first, I can tell you that listening to “II” proposes 2 manners; the first consists on a total cerebral devotion so that the viral content would be healthily and fully transmitted. The second is about pushing “play” and not to focus, consequently, your human brain would resist it then push “foreword” a differently structured stuff.
Many Brutal Death Metal consumers think that Chaos as a form of brutality is mainly referred to a lack of technicalness, or to a coward avoidance of sophistically arranged modulations and creation.
I say, despite all, Diktat is technically more than fine and theoretically original.

The demo is unleashed with a first track entitled “Indiscipline Jurisprudent” which explodes with 2 conflicting guitars; an aspect that seems canonically dominant in Diktat prototypes. A disharmony of hell I appreciate!

Offended” is more headbangful in spite of the fragmentation concerning the second half of the track.
The Nihilist” is the track that would drive you to escape the nihil once you followed the second manner of listening mentioned above.
Pregnancy” is but a next step towards impregnating your brain with schizophrenia; the restless bass assures the operation…
...and the maelstrom of chaos rolls on along "Attrition" and "Falling" till' the last breath of "Sadus & Marie"; Diktat gives no breaks!

Seeing this demo with a more greedy eye, I see that the frenzy presence of stringed instruments is not as frenzy as percussion, while the vocals are fairly performed. An emphasis on drums perfection on the upcoming albums would be greatly appreciated.

To conclude, in few words, Diktat plays Lunatic Brutal Death Metal, chaotic, sick and frenzy. Still you have only 2 choices;
1- you'll see it as creative as a cosmic expression of a complex order.
2- you'll see it like a big riot in a heavy industrial factory which is absolutely for a binary mind: a disorder.

See you signed Diktat!

By Anti-Geist

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