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Band : Decadence

Release : Chargepoint

Year : 2009

Country : Sweden

Genre : Melodic Thrash Metal

Label : Spiritual Beast Records

Note : 17/20

Tracklist :
02.Silent Weapon (For A Quiet War)
03.Out Of Ashes
04.Point Of No Return
05.Strength Of Mind
06.Fast Forward
08.Be Home When I'm Gone
09.The Demons Run

   Judging by the quality material that’s been coming from Sweden for the last two decades, Decadence won’t have any difficulty finding an eager audience outside the one they’ve nurtured since debuting in 2005.

For this year’s "Chargepoint" the band pull no stops delivering the best album possible after turning heads with 2007’s "3rd Stage of Decay". Too bad "Chargepoint" occasionally falls a little short of its intended dominating metal glory that’ll make you thank the dark gods below for letting it fall into your hands in the first place. While "Chargepoint" isn’t the band’s "Reign in Blood", it does have enough of the good stuff  and headbanging appeal (the songs here were written to be played live) that makes it a suitable "Hell Awaits"; that is, the run up to the definitive, career making opus.

A  nice intro from axeman extraordinaire Kenneth Lantz drags in the powerful album opener "Discharge" and lets loose the riff tastic madness that drives Decadence’s sound. Added to this is the complex percussion from Eric Rojas that, along with bassist Joachim Antman, completes the band’s tighter-than-your-anus rhythm section. Perhaps most noticeable here are the growls from Metallic Kitty, whose style and appearance is a magnet for comparisons to another growly blonde girl of renown. (But Kitty’s hair is more on the waffle brown side of the color spectrum.) From "Discharge" the band move to faster territory with "Silent Weapon (For A Quiet War)" and then ease the tempo, but not the aggresion, for "Out of Ashes". It’s  at "Point of  No Return", however, that a sense of the epic and breathtaking energizes the band’s already proven formula that has infectious chorses sandwiched  between uncompromising musicinaship. Matters make a turn for the better on the three hit combo "Strength of Mind", its ugly twin "Fast Forward", and the totally excellent "Challenge". "Be Home When I’m Gone" can finsih the album with its despairing sense of closure, yet all is not done until the meandering instrumental "The Demons Run" arrives to thrill.

"Chargepoint" proves the kind of special release that bodes well for the band’s future. If Decadence continue applying themselves to the painstaking process of perfecting their music, only great material can be expected from this band in the future.

By Miguel

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