Review : Dumper - Rise Of Mammoth

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Band : Dumper

Release : Rise Of Mammoth

Year : 2011

Country : Italy

Genre : Stoner Rock / Heavy Metal

Label : My Graveyard Productions

Note : 11.5/20

Reviewer : Manel Lilioth

03.Black Eyes
04.Drag Me To Hell
05.The Melting Eye
06.Rise Of The Mammoth
07.On And On
08.Lamb To The Slaughter
09.Ticket To Ride (The Beatles Cover)
10.The Revenge Of Scylla             

an Italian Metal band from Modena formed back in 2009, released their first debut “Rise of the mammoth” on 2011 through Bill2 Kill records. From this album you notice that this band is trying hard to create an unique touch of Dumper by combining Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal at once while most of Italians failed to reach it.

The album contains ten solid songs deeply influenced by MOTORHEAD. So starting with Opener “Dumper” is such a perfect example of the blending of the two elements. The construct is fairly straight forward and energetic, the Groove against the mighty wallowing, while the highlight has in his catchy style typical Heavy Metal Trademarks. Then there are pieces in which the elements of Traditional Heavy Metal tower above “Volts”, “Drag Me To Hell”, “On And On”, as well as tracks that clearly StonerLamb To The Slaughter”, “The Revenge Of Scylla” and sometimes even slight excess of DoomThe Melting Eye”, “Rise of the Mammoth”. Especially the second half of the album is much more funny stoner. Perhaps a sign shows in which direction lead the future of DUMPER. Falls completely out of the frame “Black Eyes”, which occurs very familiar to me (maybe a cover, or I've already heard in regular airplay). This is a more melodic Hard Rock song with Groove likewise strong but emotional note. Cover is definitely a ”Ticket To Ride” (by The Beatles, of course). This melody with Stoner touch is a bit strange, but not bad in general. The technical performance of the Italians is impeccable, and Eddie Cantoni has a beautifully expressive and distinctive, raspy voice that suits the sound.

Overall, “Rise Of The Mammoth” is a solid average album at the intersection of Heavy Metal and Stoner Rock. DUMPER can thus already left impressions and build for the future thanks to this release.

By Manel Lilioth


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