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Band : Hellium

Release : New World Order

Year : 2007

Country : Algeria

Genre : Death Groove Metal

Label : Independent

Note : 13/20

Tracklist :
01.Censored Rethoric
02.Dark Utopia
03.Corrupted Democracy
04.War Against Destiny
05.Blood Of Martyrs
06.Wall Of Death
07.Nuclear Extermination

Hell yeah! This is Algeria, where Metal strived and crawled to reach such position and bring up such talent to project such potential.
This is new, this is strong, and this is a high quality imported interpretation of American Heavy Metal.
Well, we cannot say that Hellium is just the North African Lamb of God, since those guys have so much more to say and certainly much more to fight for… Hellium is a kick ass, musically and verbally.

With nothing to hide, messages rush since the very beginning in the first track which is an introduction with a speech and a theme that’s disconnected with the next to come.
And here comes the pain; “Dark Utopia” with a stinging thorny opening and a heavy aspect.
Vocals seem not to represent the genre nor sub-genres, but still quite frank and expressive with music that’s Core. The Nordic influences weren’t bad, but vocals…
Corrupted Democracy”: can’t be more explicit! This album is definitely about politics.
This one is more Death Metal, with trials to bring more technical stuffs. The Flanger was a good idea, a good track though it suffered some fragmentation while vocals still humble.
War Against Destiny”: did I say Lamb of God at the beginning? Yes, that’s the point…
Too much Lamb of God, more or less stereotyped, this track was saved by the Swedish or Nordic Death Metal riff, knowing that these influences already exist into the American Heavy Metal genre, so we can speak about the interpretation of the interpretation. The guitar solo was barely successful.

Then, straight to your face with the Algerian National Hymn, succeeded with an American Heavy Metal suite… “Blood of Martyrs” reminds me of Lamb of God11 Hours” and that was pushing me to reproach originality that was bleached despite the authenticity of speech.
A bass solo or “Takasim” or I don’t know what the hell it could be was there; it seemed like recovering the feeble identity, but it could be better especially at the level of sound because it really sounds reverbed and out of appreciation.

Wall of Death”: this is my very best, an excellent opening that reflect a prospective talent and a delicate great work at the level of writing and production. The beautiful beginning had the chance to be progressed to a Panterian riff that bangs heads (since it is about Pantera of course). Vocals still lack Violence and Dynamism, vehement but very independent from music, so far from any Core tendency.
To finish this very listenable disc, Hellium had chosen to still strong; “Nuclear Extermination” is about to prove this, with its Polish Death Metal assault. This track is like the Climax of the band creativity, more various, better arranged and promising…

To focus more on the Musical Doctrine; we can notice a great deal of Lamb of God’s clichés and a narrow path to walk.
At an end, these Algerians did very well with their very own declaration of the New World Order; an outlook that embodies a whole background and give signs of rushing, violent and verbally released music.

Par Anti-Geist


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