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Band : Megadeth

Release : Endgame

Year : 2009

Country : USA

Genre : Thrash / Heavy Metal

Label : Roadrunner Records

Note : 18/20

Tracklist :
01.Dialectic Chaos
02.This Day We Fight!
03.44 Minutes
05.Bite The Hand That Feeds
08.The Hardest Part Of Letting Go... Sealed With A Kiss
09.Head Crusher
10.How The Story Ends
11.The Right To Go Insane

   Whipping up a storm on its first salvo of thrilling music. "Dialectical Chaos" reintroduces Dave Mustaine’s flare for over-the-top shredding not heard since forever. It also buries anyone’s reservations about this new album.

If you thought both "The System Has Failed" and "United Abominations" were lackluster efforts saved by a coupla good  songs each, "Endgame" is not on the same league. In total honesty, the material here ranks with the band’s best—we’re talking "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?", "Countdown to Extinction", and "Rust In Peace". Now the lyrics may no longer contain as much vitriol, but they do make an effort to grind a political axe on behalf of Mr. Mustaine. No one is spared when "Endgame" gets nasty, be it the fianancial pigs at Wall Street or the presidencey of George W. Bush. Even a scorned lover gets a share of the spotlight on the sadistic and mushy quasi-ballad "The Hardest Part of Letting Go...Sealed With A Kiss".

But Megadeth have aways felt at home with speed metal, so it’s speed metal that reigns on "This Day We Fight"! which takes the listener on a guided tour of an assasin’s mind. The band—a Drover brother on drums, James Lomenzo doing bass, and former Nevermore sessionist Chris Broderick opposite Dave—disport themselves with panache on the arduous task of breathing life into such complex arrangments as the title track, which becomes a shred match toward its end, the equally blsitering "Headcrusher" and the pure meance animating both "The Right To Go Insane" and "The Bodies Left Behind".

An unrelenting barrage of tasty hooks and fluid musicianship, Megadeth are back with a vengeance to reclaim their fire. Either you celebrate with the rest of humanity at Dave Mustaine’s magnificent return or exercise your right to go insane, because there’s no space for half measures anywhere on "Endgame".

By Miguel

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