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Band : Morast

Release : Morast (Demo)

Year : 2009

Country : Luxembourg

Genre : Thrash/Black/Death/Doom Metal

Label : Independent

Note : 15/20

01.Tracking You Down (Alone With Your Fears)
02.De Leichesammler
04.Remacum Burns
05.Lycanthropic Screams
06.Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)

   Good surprises are very frequent these days. I thought that this was just only another “Black/Doom Metal” band. As a matter of fact I like this style a lot, but I had this bad feeling about this one, especially because this formation comes from a country which not very known for its Metal-scene, namely Luxembourg.

But after the first notes/tunes, I understood right away that the “Black/Doom” genre I was thinking about didn’t really match to the music of Morast. In fact, it is more a mix like Celtic Frost or Winter where you find an infinity of different styles/genres.
So it’s quite impossible to describe the style of the group in one sentence.

The first song, for example, begins with riffs similar to Black Sabbath or Saint Vitus impregnated with a good dose of Celtic Frost, and with vocals closer to the Black Metal of the late 80’s, and particularly to Bathory.
The following tracks are characterised by that same mix. The song Remacum Burns, for example, navigates between proto-Black/Death Metal and Thrash Metal, always keeping up an average tempo, whereas Lycanthropic Screams announces right away its “Doomesques” colors right after the first riffs. It is the slowest song on the demo, and it is quite comparable to the work of Winter when they play down-tempo.
To close their demo, the band chose to finish with a tribute to Celtic Frost with a cover of Dethroned Emperor. A fairly good version, which doesn’t reach the original (if it was only for Tom Warrior’s unique vocals), but which is still fun to listen to.

Although there isn’t any bass on this demo, the guitar is down-tuned enough to give the music a dark and heavy feeling. You won’t even miss the absence of this instrument.

The production reminds a lot the beginnings of (yes, again) Celtic Frost.

To resume, fans of extreme old-school music will be well served with this demo (which runs for over 40 minutes afterall).

Review by Belial & Translated by Pier


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