Review : Phobia - Itinerary (EP)

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Band : Phobia

Release : Itinerary (EP)

Year : 2009

Country : Tunisia

Genre : Melodic Death/MetalCore

Label : Independent

Note : 09/20

Tracklist :
01.Out Of Control
02.In Need Of Assistance
03.Final Step
04.Unavoidable Torment

   Here is the band that roamed and invaded the local Tunisian festivals and mixed gigs. Striving to be present and evolve whenever possible.
Here is the band which drummer want to be famous while unfortunately not present in his band’s first illustrated work as drums are programmed.

Phobia, this fetus of MetalCore in Tunisia, succeeded to bring to life an EP of a considerable effort, at the middle of the considerable hurdles within the crawling Tunisian Metal scene.

First of all, I should put a good remark for the surprisingly good sound quality of all instruments and vocals, though this latter is excessively soaked in FXs.
After we saw them numerously on stage, The Phobians declare their "static-sonic" presence through “Iterinary”; a 4 songs demo Ep, classified DeathCore by its creators.

However, while listening to the material, I came to see that the genre is more about a Melodic Death/MetalCore stuff.
Indeed, the orphan blastbeat on “Out of Control” is only a Deathcore trial. This song seems like predicting what to come as it ends with a Raw MetalCore sequence from which ears already got sick and tired at the past time of Metalcore climax.
Nevertheless, an intelligent transposition at the solo level is appreciated, supporting the song’s aestheticism.

The second song, entitled “In Need of Assistance” is actually in a real need of assistance; it slips into a bitter lack of identity: Too Killswitched Engaged, Too Déja-Vus and the bass guitar still shy and dwelling in the margin as for the most of the record.
The technical slight exhibitions could not make any concrete difference. Consequently, the band unveils a limited influence register, while the matter continues with “Final Step”.

The Third song is evaluated to be the most humble in the list. Rhythmically tedious and clichéd, suffering continuous repetition of traditional rhythmic patterns with which everyone is acquainted and which probably bangs the heads but do nothing to the brain; the song passes unseen despite the fact that it is intentionally filled with fills, unfortunately, nothing sticks to your ears.

To finish with, the fourth song is more refreshing and hopeful to the band. Armed by a persisting thematic heavy riff, blemished by the naked difficulty of organic music writing as mere chords are thrown at the middle of the song in order to fill the little gaps of inspirations.
Unavoidable Torment” is the most successful track in spite of the humble, nearly mediocre, guitar solo. In this one, Phobia took the  chance towards variation; an atmospheric passage that lightly threatens the thematic pivotal riff that vanishes into a valse piano arpeggio which sounded like a farewell…

Hope it is not the case for this young band that provokes respect for the effort and the raw talent that definitively seeks fermentation and serious engagement.
A last critic for the English language used, especially that the tracks are joined with texts of the lyrics; Phobia should take more care about the English grammar.

To conclude, at the middle of the current Metal wheel, "Iterinary" adds nothing special, still it is a tough first hammering towards forging a stronger identity.
And don’t forget, this is only the fetus of the fetus!

Par Anti-Geist

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