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Band : Sin

Release : Audio Summoned Flesh

Year : 2008

Country : Philippines

Genre : Thrash Death Metal 

Label : Tower of Doom

Note : 17/20

Tracklist :
02.Audio Summoned Flesh
03.Equilibrium Supremacy
05.Deathillion I
06.Deathillion II (Dark Lament Toccata)
07.Eternal Bateria
08.Burning Hour
09.Psychometric Equation

   If one would just look a little farther, linger around myspace a little longer, and just hang around discussion boards more often, one is bound to find an interesting band or two.

Hopefully, all three activities combined would lead to the Filipino quintet Sin. Or maybe this review will. Whatever. Recording this smashing debut over a period of several months between their drummer’s studio and those of Tower of Doom’s—their label—the end result, “Audio Summoned Flesh,” is a debut album to be reckoned with.
For starters, the sh*t here is heavy. Really, really, really, heavy. So heavy, your speakers might die past the excellent “Equilibrium Supremacy”.

Inspired by negative emotions and everything machine and mechanical, the brand of Metal Sin play lies somewhere between Death, Thrash, and science fiction. “Audio Summoned Flesh” isn’t a concept album and its lyrics are far too aggressive and angst ridden to convey a particular theme, but hey, the music just smokes. Amid the massive walls of sound that nearly overwhelms the listener on “Deathillion I”, “Burning Hour” and “Psychometric Equation” are brilliant guitar solos that betray the band’s epic bent. They also like mind-expanding soundscapes that comes to the fore on the instrumental “Deathillion II (Dark Lament Toccata)” and the hammering “Eternal Bateria”.

The vocals from Charles Daza are hardly a departure from the thousands of other unknown bands playing today, and the same gores for the lyrical content. Yet even if the tracks inside “Audio Summoned Flesh” runs a little bit longer than expected—a drawback—in summation the album is a major kick in the ass.

Powerful, melodic, loud, guitar-driven, percussion-driven, and confrontational, “Audio Summoned Flesh” has everything you want in Extreme Metal. You’ve just been introduced to a new band, so hurry to their myspace and bathe your ears in Sin-ful music.

Par Miguel


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