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Band : Tenet

Release : Sovereign

Year : 2009

Country : Canada

Genre : Death/Thrash Metal

Label : Century Media

Note : 19/20

Playlist :
01.Being and Nothingness
02.Indulge Me
03.Crown Of Thorns
05.Take A Long Line
06.Going Down
07.Hail! Hail!
08.Watching You Burn

are like sweet, sweet honey to your ears. For lovers of Extreme Metal in general, the Thrashing cocktail this super group serves up on their Century Media debut is 30 minutes of sheer joy.

Formed way back in 1996 as a side project by one of its guitarists—ex Strapping Young Lad shredder Jed Simon— the band didn’t get itself started until recently, recruiting the vocal talents of former Exodus wailer Steve “Zetro” Zousa to round out the current line-up.
With the venerable Gene Hoglan behind  the drums, Jed Simon opposite Glen Avelais on guitars, and Byron Stroud doing bass, Tenet could have been Strapping Young Lad if only Mr. Townsend was still at the helm, but he ain’t. Starting with a bang, fingers slide down a ftretboard, drums crash, and Souza wails for opener "Being And Nothingness". Playing a nihilistic blend of riff-driven Thrash spiced by edge-of-your-seat Death Metal decibels, songs like "Indulge Me", "Going Down", and "Crown Of Thorns" breathe nihilism amid their slightly melodic tempos. Always mindful that catchy stuff makes for a great listen, the hooks, gang style backing vocals, and licks attain prominence on "Unnamable" and "Crown of Thorns".

Amidst the blur of endless blastbeats and grating rhythm is a discernible melodic backbone on each song here. You hear it halfway past "Going Down" where the frenzy devolves into a smokin’ guitar duel that’s a backdrop to Soza’s pained screams of "You let me down...down..DOWN!" As the title track rolls in with nearly unbearable heaviness, the listener is injected with a final few minutes of an adrenalized album closer that will inspire a lot of moshpits as a live concert encore.

A flawless nine songs of relentless, unbridled, over-the-top, and excruciating  musical violence, Tenet’s "Sovereign" will likely pawn the rest of 2009’s Thrash releases.

By Miguel

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