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Name: Houssem N. || Pseudonym: Xul

Date Of Birth: 20/05/19XX

Country: Tunisia
Occupation in the Webzine: Co-founder / Admin / Manager / Reviewer / Interviewer / Live Reporter / Newser ...

Favourite Metal Genre: Death Metal / Black Metal

Favourite Bands: Deicide / Cannibal Corpse / Nile / Necrophagist / Aborted / Pitbulls In The Nursery / Trepalium / Quo Vadis / Vile / Cryptopsy / The Berzerker / Krisiun / Arch Enemy / Devourment / Decapitated / Hate / Vader / Hate Eternal / Dying Fetus / Carcariass / Arkan / Dark Lunacy / Mayhem / Limbonic Art / Stormlord / Dimmu Borgir / Cradle Of Filth / Seth / Anorexia Nervosa / Kimaera /  Ataraxie / Gojira / Opeth / My Dying Bride...

Instruments: None

1st Metal Album: don't remember

Favourite Drummers: David Folchitto (Stormlord), Steve Adheim (Deicide), George Kollias (Nile), Hellhammer (Mayhem), Marco Minnemann (ex-Necrophagist), Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy)...

Favourite Guitarists: Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth), Karl Sanders (Nile), Muhammed Suiçmez (Necrophagist), Jack Owen (Deicide)...

Favourite Bassists: Steve DiGiorgio (ex-Death)...

Favourite Singer/Vocalists: George Fisher (Cannibal Corpse), Dan Greenin (Cryptopsy), Attila Csihar (Mayhem)...

Favourite Keyboardists: Øyvind Johan Mustaparta (Dimmu Borgir)

Favourite Drink: Coca Cola, Ricard.

Favourite Meals: Couscous, Pizza, Sandwichs / Exotic Gastronomy

Favourite TV Shows: Documentaries

Favourite Movies: Green Mile, All comedie Films

Favourite Books: I read only magazines

Hobbies: Working, Listening to Music, Internet.

Favourite Quotes:
*/ La vie est faite pour s'amuser, on a une seule vie; alors on doit en profiter
*/ Méfiez vous des chiens, s'ils te font sourire c'est pour te piquer tes dents en or

Facebook: www.facebook.com/houssem.xul1


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