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Name: Nedra || Pseudonym: RargouTia

Date Of Birth: 18/08/1930
Country: Tunisia / (USA now)
Occupation in the Webzine: Interviewer / Photographer / Live Reporter

Favourite Metal Genre: Gothic, Doom, Death, Indus...

Favourite Bands: Crematory, Speticflesh, Moonspell, The Foreshadowing, Madder Mortem, Sopor Aeternus, Die Verbantenn Kinder Evas, Ashram, Paradise Lost, The sins of Thy Beloved, Diary of Dreams, London Aftermidnight, Eeriess, Pyramaze, Theatres des Vampires, Lacrimosa, Dornenreich, Elueivitie, Autumn, Skepticism, Ahab, Sabachthalni...

Instruments: Classic Guitar / Keyboards

1st Metal Album: Crematory - Act Seven

Favourite Drummers: Maschtl Innerbichler (Graveworm) 

Favourite Guitarists: ----

Favourite Bassists: ----

Favourite Singer/Vocalists: Jochen "Eviga" Stock (Dornenreich), Emilie Autumn, Anne Varney (Sopor Aeternus), Christina (Die Verbantenn Kinder Evas)

Favourite Keyboardists: Sabine Mair (Graveworm)

Favourite Drink: Water

Favourite Meals: ----

Favourite TV Shows: ----

Favourite Movies: Red Dragon, Interview With a Vampire, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Vlad ,Washington Square, Thalethoun...

Favourite Books: "à l'abri de rien" - Pierre Adam, "le voleur de corps" - Anne Rice, "Angemort" - Sire Cédric ...

Hobbies: Photography, Painting, Music, Dreaming...

Favourite Quotes:
*/ I've never ask for this role, but i'll play it


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